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The female racquet-tail hummingbird usually doesn't have the 'tail' and the male usually doesn't have the white.. Thanks in advance for a proper ID!

Reference material for the female racket-tail hummingbird doesn’t show a racket ‘tail,’ and the male doesn’t have the white breast… Thanks in advance for a proper ID!   When illustrated reference books seem lacking for details,  I often check Nick Athanas’ Antpitta site.. Check out his magnificent portraits of Neotropical birds.  (Antpitta.com – Booted Racket-tailed Hummingbird)

While updating the bird list for the property, I was pleased to count over 90 species of birds – and the ones that live on the other 95 hectares are still unrecorded!

Calling all birders – can you help with identification for any of these UFBS – Unidentified Flying Birds?    I will be offline until next week but look forward to your feedback.

Let’s look at those birds!

PB300426 nov 30 6 in the morning

Bird #1. Sorry, many of these photos lack for details, but hopefully this and the next image will help with an ID.

PB300427 nov 30 6 30 in the morning

Even if you don’t know what bird it is, perhaps you can give it a nickname?


Bird #2.  This one reminds me of a bumblebee!  The next  image is the same bird.



Bird #2 – I think this is the same as the two above?  

Linda, (The Task at Hand ) and I discussed the precious Blue & White Swallows last year.   Linda, here is a photo (below) from November when the swallows hit the pause button during the rains!


Blue & white Swallows

2B070751 swallow or seadeater what

Bird #3. This bird, however, doesn’t look like the blue-white swallow. Maybe it’s a seedeater?  Another photo follows this one.

2B070749 swallows different swalow

Bird #3 – Name that bird, please?!

The handsome hermits are some of my favorites, but these next few images don’t quite match any of my reference material for the Mindo cloudforest of Ecuador.

0 P1870280 HUMMINGBIRD hermit id

Bird #4 – Which hermit is this?

0 P1870186 HUMMINGBIRD bird hermit id

Bird #4 – What a lovely bird!

0 P1830991 REFERENCE HUMMINGBIRD hermit id

Bird # 4 or maybe # 5 — Sometimes a bird slams into a window; most recover and fly away to tell of the human that gave it a close inspection!

There are some birds that are quite patient and give many chances to admire their beauty.  This “LBB” little brown bird keeps a close watch over the house and pond.


Bird #6 — That elephant grass gives the LBbirds a place to perch!


Bird # 6 –  White-tailed Tyrranulet?

This next beauties up for review might be Red-faced Spinetail and the Ruddy Foliage Gleaner…

Ruddy Foliage Gleaner?

Ruddy Foliage Gleaner?

Red-faced Spinetail?  (Also in photo that follows)

Red-faced Spinetail? (Also in photo that follows)

Red-faced Spinetail?

Red-faced Spinetail?

They are all gorgeous...

They are all gorgeous…

Scarlet-backed Woodpecker?

Scarlet-backed Woodpecker?

Scarlet-backed Woodpecker?

Scarlet-backed Woodpecker?


Bird # 7 


I look forward for your help and feedback!  See you next week.