Uniquely Joe

Uniquely Joe – “Hey Dudes!  Hey Dudettes!  You won’t believe what’s next! “

“Unique –  Being the only one; being without a like or equal”  Merriam-webster.com

Joe and I met in front of a cattle chute in the little village of Pueblo Nuevo de Bejuco – Guanacaste, Costa Rica.   Knowing that the noon bus would soon be careening around the curve, I walked to the corral where another person was standing near the dusty intersection.

(Joe emailed this cattle-chute photo several years ago.)

(Joe emailed this cattle-chute photo several years ago.)

“Are you waiting for the bus?”  I asked the tourist that seemed a bit out of place.

Bus?  There’s a bus?” he replied with wide-eyed wonder.

“Yes,”  I smiled, “it should be rolling through any minute.”

I don’t recall exactly how Joe mysteriously landed smack in the middle of the dusty cowboy pueblito, but he happily climbed aboard the “Bejuco-Jicaral Express,” the only public-transportation option for the rest of the day.

Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

I was traveling a short distance to Playa San Miguel, and in the ten-minute ride Joe decided to bail out and experience what is often called one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.

As the cliché goes, “The rest is history.”    Joe’s unique personality warmed the hearts of the people in the area;  one only had to mention his name, and others smiled.  Wanting a part-time respite from his California life, Joe purchased a parcel of land and built a retreat where he embraced Costa Rica’s ‘Pura Vida’ culture.

I join many who are sobered by the news of his death.

Eclipse Sunset

Costa Rica Eclipse Sunset

From Loudwire:  “The music world has lost another talent as bassist Joe Skyward, best known for his work with Sunny Day Real Estate and the Posies has passed away at the age of 57.
The rocker, born Joe Howard and also known as Joe Bass, had been fighting cancer over the last two years. The Posies alerted fans to Joe Skyward’s passing via a Facebook posting. ”  

For the rest of Loudwire’s obituary, go HERE

A more-worthy tribute will take time to gather information, photos and perhaps some testimonials from those who knew him.   My deepest condolences go to his family and loved ones.