1:20 Monday afternoon:

First, Barbara sent an email just after the update was published.   “Please thank Cynthia when you see her for answering my frantic email and letting me know – which, I shared with Marie, Steven, and Karen (and Karen shared with her Mom) ….that Mindo had not been hit real hard.
I am so happy that I remembered I had her email address so I could get in touch with someone in the area.”

Second, Thanks, Cynthia, for updating Barb, who offered words of comfort to my loved ones.

Third:  My friend Serena, who once lived in Manta, sent a brief update from Quito.  She says that Pedernales is “destroyed.”


Now, for a disturbing comment that our Silvana (writing from  Chile) just shared…  Dear, dear Silvana!  Thank you so much.  I will post this now.Z

Here is the traslation of a newpaper article, this is most clear report of What is happening in Jama so far.

Lisa I am so happy you were in Mindo. My family were mostly in Manta and they are fine, but We didn´t know about Mathias until this morning, He was there with His Dad and They both are fine.
“Jama is like a war zone, there are almost no houses standing in this village, which is located within an hour of Pedernales, Manabi province. According Leonel Zapata, pastor of the population, this earthquake on April 16 killed 12 people and left 15 others in the rubble, but the villagers say the figure is higher. There terror that exists.

Villagers said that south of Jama five hotels collapsed and dozens of people remain trapped. Getting to this town is almost an impossible task, the earthquake of 7.8 degrees on Saturday destroyed several sections of the road. The force of the earthquake left cracks up to a meter deep and slightly less wide. In addition, the mountain is constantly collapses and therefore drivers who choose to travel by these routes must slow down and be very careful. Given this situation and the uncertainty of aftershocks and waves due to earthquakes, the population of over 23 000 inhabitants has chosen to spend the night on the roads to the weather. T


he Suarez family said they lost everything in the earthquake and the three of them decided to camp on the road. While others came from different cities of the country in search of their relatives who are believed to be trapped in the area. The health center Jama not cope, it was decided to transfer a person who was in critical condition to the hospital in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The night of Sunday 17 April came a convoy of three trucks with army personnel who are responsible for carrying out the rescue. In addition, they conduct control and security in the area. The whole town looks devastated Jama, has collapsed houses, streetlights on the floor.

There is no electricity, nor telephone signal. They are held incommunicado. In addition there is no water or food for the population requesting urgent assistance from the authorities”


Also from Sylvana: Here is a link that Lesli Flaman shared on Facebook saying: “If you want to help Jama, we know this family, it’s legit”
Please whoever wants to help, people from Jama will be more than thankful for it