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(Accidental swirl while taking a photo!)

(Accidental swirl while taking a photo!)

“…I transferred one large and four small framed paintings to the closet in my bedroom, so I would have room to move. I pulled out painted papers. I sifted through bins and bowls full of scraps. I started shuffling things around. I felt myself grinning…”  Cindy Rickgers – Timeout for Art – Jan. 19, 2017

I don’t think she’s missed one week; dear Cindy, hands full with responsibilities and obligations, finds time week after week after week to post a Timeout for Art.  She often apologizes for lack of material, but she always dedicates a “Timeout” for art every Thursday.    Thank you Cindy!  You inspire me more than you’ll ever realize!

Remember this mosaic in progress?

Remember this mosaic in progress?

My hands have been full with the ‘stairway’ project, and today I am typing with dried varnish on my fingertips.   As soon as this is published, I’ll brush a second coat on the floor.    Are you curious to see the progress?!

The bamboo handrail

The bamboo handrail – Also note the foor and corner bench!

The bamboo was first painted white, then two to three coats of color were painted on each section.  Black ‘joint’ bands added strength to the design.


There are two new areas of just-finished concrete.  One was a ‘skin’ over an old rough floor, and the other was a new small corner.  The image above shows the first layer of paint beneath the heliconia painting.  That afternoon, I stood on the recently-made bench above that area and floated shadows into the painting.

p1090909-stairway-bamboo-wth-colors p1090911-heliconia-acrylic-and-shadows

The next morning a spasm in my back halted my progress;  no problem, I rested and enjoyed reading part of a novel!    That night Francisca, my dear sweet neighbor/friend, tapped on my door and cast a magical spell on my back.

Always-working Francisca - bagging just-ground coffee.

Always-working Francisca – bagging just-ground coffee.

The next morning, I all but waltzed down to her tienda to show/illustrate that the back pain was totally gone!   I’ll be writing a post about lovely Francisca soon, and will expand on her magic treatment….

Back to the floor:


Sometimes the ‘Ole Gray Mare would prefer to stay in the stable, but after a few mental ‘kicks’ she picked up her brushes and resumed her work!


The more layers of paint, the more believable the effect!



After brushing the floor twice with a wide, dry paintbrush and then wiping it with a damp rag, it was time to apply the rapid-drying varnish made for floors.  The $50.00 can had been opened several months ago.   After Marie and I placed a film of plastic over the top, the lid had been hammered into place.  I’d learned my lesson years ago that this product will harden in the can if the lid is not sealed extremely well.

Guess what?  There was a two-inch layer of hardened ‘crust’ but below that was liquid.   The next challenge was getting through the rock-hard layer.   A hammer and chisel seemed the best option, and after about ten minutes, I reached the sought-after layer!     Move forward, Filly!


Timeout to sit in the corner bench and critique the work!

Timeout to sit in the corner bench and critique the work!

Ahem;  in order to move forward, I must ‘publish’ this and resume my work!

” … This is not finished work. What it is – and it’s important – are results of the first day in months that I have taken time to work in the studio. That, alone, is a gift! ” – Cindy Rickgers

I agree with Cindy – it’s a gift to create time in one’s day for art!

Thanks for your support, and try to earmark a little time this week for a creative task!

See you soon!

See you soon!