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The Texas Pachamama Christmas Fairies brought a huge assortment of art supplies. The airlines might have taxed them for extra weight!

“It was amazing what an hour with her sketchpad could do for her mood. She was sure that the lines she drew with her black marker were going to save her years of worry lines in the future.” ― Victoria Kahler, Their Friend Scarlet

Cosanga Ecuador – Napo Province – See Map

The Pachamama Birding Group also brought treats for the teacher… Really really really-nice treats!  Watercolor paper!  Brushes! Sharpie Markers – not used ones like at my drawing table, but brand-new ones with precise points!!!!  But that’s for another post.   Check below to see the view from the table where I took a 30-minute personal timeout for art:

The Pachamama Christmas Fairies delivered high-quality art materials 8 months early!!! Thank you Pachamamas!

… While the ladies were out birding, the two boys and I sat on the front porch for an impromptu art lesson.

Remember Jordan and Rudy?

Please join me as they experience a fresh pad of drawing paper while they discover the magic of a well-sharpened pencil.

They both watched my demonstration then went straight to work!

What’s this? My brother called it a ‘saco punto’… but how does it work?

Witnessing his fascination with the sharpener was a very special experience.

Jordan’s face says, “I think I like doing this!”

I think Rudy could probably smell the paper at this point!

Jordan is a natural; he went 100 percent into his work and stayed rapt with attention and detail.

Yes, it’s heart warming to witness smiles like this!

Little Rudy respectively watched Jordan’s final touches.

How’s that for a very proud young man?

After the warm-up lessons, they watched rapt with fascination as I sketched the trees and their house in front of us… Then Jordan sat for another half hour as he carefully studied the scene.   He’s a natural!  Thanks Pachamamas!

Comparing etchings…

Time to show Mama!

Time to show Mama – but first I want to be sure that I really really did this myself!…

Several hours later as I prepared to depart for Mindo, their mother Veronica brought me a gift of the heart.    I had asked a few days earlier if she had spare eggs to sell, and she checked and said they had four… We needed at least a dozen so bought them in town.   Just before I left to go home, she brought this bag of eggs and insisted that I accept all eight!

A week earlier I asked if she could buy 5 dollars worth of guayusa leaves. They are hard to find on the other side off the Andes. This is one third of the leaves she brought me!


The barter system is alive and well in Ecuador, and I will gladly swap an art lesson for free-range eggs!

Inspiration is everywhere…

Pachamamas are the best!
Most of us are a little under the weather, but those birding stories will arrive soon!

PS – This was scheduled to go out in the morning, but the ‘nine’ key must have the ‘flu!  It will reach you on the last minutes of March 8 while I’m sleeping!  Z