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Mindo Ecuador –  Garbed in raincoat and mud boots this past Saturday around dark, I trekked past Mindo’s  Catholic Church on my way to the market.  Through the whoosh-whoosh sound of my rain gear and the drizzle hitting the roofs and sidewalk, a stronger much-sweeter sound brought me to a halt.  

Mindo’s Main Street

“Is that a violin?” I wondered, then followed the beckoning music until I stood in the doorway of the church.    The church was empty aside for one lone figure standing to the side near the front row.  In formal attire, perfect posture and with violin at his chin, he seemed like a mirage.  Or was he a life-sized poster?  No, that was a real person standing there, and his music was pure and sweet.

Captivated, I listened for a very short time, and decided that my presence was most likely an intrusion.  I bowed slightly and backed away, all the time wondering who was this person and why was he in this empty church?   I resumed my trek, bought my token items and returned for one more discreet glance before going home.

A second person was peering inside, and this younger woman and I exchanged mystified expressions.  Who was this person, and why was he there?  It was then that I noted the 8 x 10 notice taped to the wall of the church.  It stated that Michael Grube, a world-class musician, would be performing at 8:30 at the Catholic Church.  He had performed the night before at CasKaffeSu, a popular Boutique Hostal known for its dedication to the arts.


“Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!”  I couldn’t believe that a chance moment redirected me to an opportunity to hear a world-class musician here in Mindo!   I dashed home, put away my things, and returned at the proper time for the concert.

Mindo’s own maestro Luis Alban introduced Dr. Michael Grube, who seized our attention with the first chord and held us captivated until the final note was played.

Luis Alban & Michael Grube

From Michael Grube’s YouTube channel:

And the program for March 11, 2017 in Mindo Ecuador:

A few waited to thank the musician in person; we parted company and like Cinderella after the ball, returned to the quiet sleepy little pueblito of Mindo.  Was it just a dream?  No, the photos confirm,  Mindo was blessed with a special visit from a maestro!

Thank you, Maestro Grube!