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Photo courtesy of Yachana Lodge – Napo Province – Ecuador


With painting supplies, boots and flashlight already tucked into my bag, I’ll be Yachana bound soon!

“Boots? Raincoat? Flashlight?”

Yes, because I am a seasoned ‘Girl Scout’ and know to be prepared, especially if I’m returning to the gateway to the Amazon.  This time I’ll be even closer than I was on last month’s trip to Cosanga!

I’ll be taking trusted travel ‘needs’ AND a new pad of Canson Watercolor Paper AND very-special brushes! Thanks Pachamamas!

You must be wonderning, “What is Yachana; where is Yachana?”

Don’t worry for even one second that I will be treading in uncharted or unsafe territories!

From It’s A Green World, “…Yachana Lodge is an award winning, Amazon ecotourism destination that inspires thousands of international and Ecuadorian visitors each year.
Yachana is a winner in the Ashoka and National Geographic Geotourism Challenge! Out of 323 entries from 83 countries, Yachana was selected amongst the three winners as the best example of geotourism. “

Like a good traveler, I checked the Trip Advisor Reviews and found that Yachana is #1 of 53 specialty lodges in the Napo Province.  Giddye-up!

Since I’ll be with “Save the Damned Planet” friends Stephen Hopkins and Xiomara Izurieta, most likely we’ll be squeezing the most from each day and even poking around for frogs after the sun sets over Rio Napo!

Last month in Mindo

A tireless educator and leader for protecting Ecuador’s natural resources, Xiomara Izurieta recenty checked Rio Mindo’s vital signs.  I suspect she will do the same in Yachana’s Napo River area!

March 2016 – Xiomara scouted for signs of the elusive and unique Rio Cinto otter.

This will be a quick trip, as next weekend I’ll be on the Pacific side for Las-Artes-por-Manabi- and the anniversary of the April 16 earthquake.

Most every day I realize how blessed I am, and April has showered me with a treasure chest of cultural-immersion blessings for the entire month.

Until the next smoke signal,


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