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Please join the sparrows in one minute of reflection…

“The earthquake was presaged by a magnitude 4.8 foreshock eleven minutes before the main quake struck,[19] and followed by over fifty-five aftershocks in the first twenty-four hours.[20]” – Wilkipedia

Jama/Manabi/Ecuador — This post is scheduled to be published on the one-year anniversary of the 4.8 earthquake that preceded the historic one that hit 11 minutes later.    Imagine what it must have been like to wonder, “Did we just have an earthquake?” as the twilight faded into the night, and then be jolted into a nightmare that shattered the coastline.

El Matal – April 2015- destructive waves

April 2015 – end of day El Matal

This year, at 6:58 pm, the people of El Matal and Jama will release hand-made lanterns at the time the earthquake hit a year ago.   I will witness the lantern release at El Matal and then attend the mass that follows in Jama.

Please join the sparrows in a moment of reflection, not only for those who are opening tender year-long wounds, but also in support for closing those wounds.   May this also extend to all who are suffering worldwide, as love for our fellow man is greatly needed.

Below are images taken yesterday and last night at various events in honor of those affected in the Canton of Jama.

Stopping at the village of Don Juan, I asked for directions for the camping site for the Quito group that would perform that night.   Each person I asked pointed me in a new direction!

“No.. they are not here… go arriba arriba…”

“No.. they are not here. Go back to the other end….”

“No..they are staying arriba at Bella Vista…” I started walking up -arriba to the next area…

The man who gave me directions cranked his tractor and gave me a ride to Bella Vista!

Lower end of Bella Vista…

Ah! Maybe that large white sheet is part of the set?

The kind chofer!!

The back road to Bella Vista

Leaving Bella Vista to resume the drive to Jama…

Jama – via back road.. children in a tree!

Do you see the children?!

On Saturday, April 15th at 7 pm, a small procession left the cemetery and walked Jama Avenue until they reached the church.

Few people knew of the ArtesXManabi event, and a ‘Fogata’ fire ritual was planned in town an hour after the mass.   If they went 5 kilometers to the community of Don Juan/Bella Vista, they would miss the next part of the service.

I drove to Don Juan/Bella Vista, where the musicians were warming up.

Enrique Males

After  Sayri W Cabascango’s formal welcome and introductions, the show began…

To learn more about the above event, go here: Las Artes Por Manabi


I am hopeful to capture the beauty of tonight’s lantern event.   If so, I look forward to sharing those images soon!

Thanks again for your support and for your compassion for everyone on Ecuador’s coast.   For those dear people, the new year begins just after sunset tonight.