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An old painted wall needed a facelift…

Quito Ecuador –  “Lisa, how much does it cost to stay at Hotel Andino?”  my friend Stephen asked a few weeks ago.

“I don’t know – I don’t remember,” I replied, “It’s been a long time since I paid to stay there…”

He laughed, and I gave a quick summary.   Their sweet hotel has many opportunities for touches of art, and we trade art for the hotel costs.

While guests were sleeping, I painted this ginger in the breakfast room.

Recently I stayed in room #5 which is quite lovely, and there were several areas that seemed perfect for original splashes of art.   Years ago another artist painted the hummingbird and flower in the bathroom, but the hotel’s well-scrubbed maintenance and new applications of white paint slowly altered the design.  A bit of mildew also lurked around and beneath the pale colors.

A solution of chlorox and soapy water removed most of the little black dots, and stronger applications of color would bring the design back to life.  My first goal was to restrengthen the hummingbird and flower,  which also served as a warm-up exercise.

Are you ready to see what grew overnight near the mirror?

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The mirror provides a two-for-one illusion!

As always, the shadows contribute to a stronger design.  The best part, however, was witnessing the owner’s reaction to the art!

The butterfly was painted on a Sunday evening;  five days later, Stephen and Xiomara witnessed another barter, this one in the town of Baeza on our way back from Yachana Lodge.


I look forward to sharing that story next week!