The El Lechero Tree – Sacred Site overlooking Lago San Pablo, Ecuador

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” – Rachel Carson

When the health of our planet suffers, we suffer as well.   May we all take time to appreciate our natural resources and work together to be guardians of Mother Earth. She will might survive without us, but how much longer can we survive if the delicate balance is tipped too far?

Join me via cyber visit to check on some of my favorite locations.

Vicunas near Chimborazo

Chimborazo – Brrrrrrrr!

Between Otavalo and Volcano Imbabura (Ecuador)

Quinoa – near Otavalo Ecuador.

Lago San Pablo 0 Near Otavalo Ecuador

Shrimp pond – Jama Ecuador

Amtrack – somewhere between New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta…

Near Yazoo City Mississippi

New Albany Mississippi

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Soybeans near Clarksdale Mississippi

Talahatchie River Bridge- Mississippi

Wisteria at Faulkner’s home, Rowan Oak – Oxford Mississippi

Sunflowers – Mississippi

Mindo Ecuador

Chimborazo Ecuador

Cinto-Mindo Ecuador

Mindo Ecuador

Hippie Anole – Mindo Ecuador

Cayambe Ecuador

Hacienda Guachala – Cayambe Ecuador

Early Morning at Hacienda Guachala – Cayambe, Ecuador

Upper Amazon area – Yachana Lodge – Rio Napo Ecuador

Same tree as above; do you see the people in the background?

Ceibo tree along road – Yachana Lodge Ecuador

Near Yachana’s dining area.

Rio Cinto – Ecuador

More shrimp ponds – Jama Ecuador

Snowy Egrets at Shrimp feast – Jama Ecuador

Ceibo Tree Still Stands – Jama Ecuador

Bamboo forest – Mindo Ecuador

Tree Fern – Ecuador


Bromeliad tree with ornaments!

Waterfall at Rio Bravo Reserve – Mindo Ecuador

Rio near Cabanas Aliso, Cosanga Ecuador

Yachana Lodge – Rio Napo

near Don Juan, Jama Ecuador

Near Playa San Miguel/Bejuco Costa Rica

“Will You Teach Me To Speak English?” Cultural Exchange – Costa Rica..

Dawn – Playa San Miguel Costa Rica

Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Surely these children will grow up to treasure the marine environment.


Panama City Panama – Smithsonian Exhibit –  “What big eyes you have, Mister Turtle!”

Panama City Zoo – Republic of Panama -Mango Tree!

Caterpillars in Plumeria tree – Panama

Shrimp farm – Jama Ecuador

Tropical Kingbird – Casa Loca/Rio Jama


A little jewel!

Oh, to see colors, and wonder what colors might be invisible to the human eye!

How many birds? May our world stay healthy so that we all may thrive.

Please take a minute and savor your unique GPS location and cherish what makes it special!  Mother Earth deserves our respect and attention.    Z