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‘If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.’ – Dr. Guy McPherson

Manabi Ecuador –  About eight years ago the climate on Ecuador’s coast seemed to be almost perfect.  I could work outside for hours and never feel over heated, yet the sun would burn my skin quite fast.    Many times in the night we needed long sleeves and/or jackets.

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Now it seems that the cloud forest, which I remembered being much cooler,  has the ideal temperatures, and the coastal weather – on a cloudless day – is stifling!


June Solstice 2016

Today I asked an older lady if she thought the coastal climate was warmer than in earlier years.   “Yes,” she said, “It is much hotter now.”

Why do you think it has changed?”  I asked.

“Trees. “ she stated.   “They’re cutting down too many trees and are not replanting them.”

Her answer was impressive.   If a person living a simple life in a farming community can deduct the obvious, why can’t well-educated people do the same?!

In honor of tomorrow’s March for Science, I ask that you find time to watch the following Ted talk by John Francis.  His story illustrates that one person can make a difference, even when his entire support system might have thought he had gone a bit crazy.    His choices propelled him into an amazing destiny.

In a recent comment thread, Sue ‘Dreamwalker’  added a strong ending:

Lisa: “May we all take time to appreciate our natural resources and work together to be guardians of Mother Earth.”

Sue: “Or indeed we will ALL Suffer.” 

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For more information: The People’s Climate March.  

Every day is Earth Day.