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Jama Ecuador –    “Lee-sah,” my friend Nieve said when I stepped out of my cabana, “We were calling you and thought you were gone!”

With a bit of a shell-shocked gaze, I laughed and said I could hear nothing over the sound of the construction.

Just behind my cabana, workers have been working day and night on one of many ‘relief-house’ projects for those who are still living in tents.   Ground shaking machines prepare the new areas before portable concrete mixers belt out their own source of background music.  Workers tackle each house with amazing skill and seem to work in harmony, even if the noise level tested my patience.

Whenever I found myself getting frustrated about the noise, I reminded myself, “These sounds are like music to those who will wean from a tent to one of these houses.”   Yes, if I had been living in a tent for over a year, those sounds would represent an upgrade in my life.

Here are two of those precious people who are anxiously awaiting a new place to call home!

Watch the progress of one of four paintings I’ve been working on while staying at Palo Santo since Easter weekend:

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I will always recall my own lessons in tolerance when I look at this painting that evolved while under the influence of the sounds of construction.

The painting is one of six that have a great future temporary home in nearby Jama. More on that soon!

Lots to share and not so much internet time!   Remember to take a timeout for art!