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Memories of painting sessions at Hotel Andino.

P1220269 gabby with art

Sweet Gaby took a Timeout for Art several months ago, though she was absent last time thanks to a broken wrist while playing basketball!

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.” ― Pascal Mercier

Quito Ecuador – Returning to Hotel Andino is always a pleasure, and I am able to rest, run errands and almost always take a Timeout for Art.

P1280727 hotel andino 2nd floor

Upstairs – the view from the doorway of Room #7.

P1280731 hotel andino 1st floor

Time to go downstairs for breakfast!

Tucked on the back corner of the second floor landing,  Room #7 offers a sweet little nest for one.  A small built-in wall unit makes me wonder what the room’s original purpose was, and I suspect that the towel-rack area in the bathroom was once a doorway.

Each time I return, I hope that Room #7 is available for another Timeout for Art.

P1280725 hotel andino room 7

Mirror trim patiently awaits my return!

P1280753 ivy yachana office

An artist had painted a whimsical hummingbird on the bathroom wall, but over the years its beauty diminished  feather by feather from routine maintenance.  The art received the utmost respect from the ones who painted around the art, but no one dared re-touch the delicate areas.

The hummingbird seemed lonely, so after strengthening the painted-over areas, I expanded the make-believe vista.  The large flower also required attention.  My supply of acrylics was limited, so I mixed what was believable and started painting – with hopes to find a few supplementary floral colors in a nearby shop.

P1280759 ivy yachana office

One small crack in the paint gave this ‘vine’ a chance to grow.  Another quickly followed…

P1280807 hotel andino room7

What’s missing?   Yes, shadows, but the shadows will wait until my next trip to Quito…

P1280812 hotel andino room7

It’s fun to show up for breakfast and tell the owners to look for ‘something new’ in the guest room! Miguel laughed at the polite little bird, perched in a strategic spot to peer at the guests!

Typing offline, I am presently at Hostal Palo Santo in Jama where the internet ranges from fairly healthy late at night to slow and then ‘nada’ – from a few hours to days — the longest stretch was two days.  Perdon my silence, especially to those who left thoughtful comments on the last post!       Even without internet, there are many projects and lots of stories to share and too-few hours in each day!

May 13 is Ebird’s Global Big Day…  Give your local birds a chance to chirp and be counted!