As the Pink Floyd song goes, “Is anybody OUT THERE?”  :))

Recently there have been glitches in the WordPress Notification system;   just-published posts land in the WordPress ‘Reader’ but they oftentimes don’t reach the email subscribers.     It seems to be a hit or miss option…

The Reader works well for at-a-glance updates, but that option often fails to load when the internet is slow.  I rarely use the reader, especially now that posts are condensed to postage-stamp glimpses.    I subscribe by email to bloggers, and I am especially respectful to those who take the time to read- as well as comment – on my posts.  They represent real people in my network of friends.  It’s nice to receive their posts via email, and then lob to their sites.

Every so often I’ll check when one goes silent, and sometimes there are new posts that never reached the inbox.  An expanded search finds them in the reader.  When I share that info with them, the replies are similar, “I thought that maybe no one liked the post,” or “That might explain why no one seems to read or comment on my posts any more.”

I subscribe to my own posts by email, and the most recent one, published about 15 hours ago, never reached the inbox.     Thanks, Gwen, for your comment, which confirmed that it reached at least one regular email subscriber!  Thanks, as well, for being such a loyal reader and cheerleader!

The ‘pingbacks’ are not reaching the inbox either, though the drop-down comment notification works well for those messages.

If you have a wordpress account, and your feedback seems low, it might be that people like me are not receiving the notifications!  I use Yahoo mail, btw, and this is the feedback from WordPress: “…In your case, Yahoo is intermittently rejecting mail sent to your address. Please contact them to work that out, since it’s likely affecting other mail as well. “

I’ve written Yahoo.  Place your bets; do you think that Yahoo will say the problem is with WordPress?

Stay tuned!