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I wish… I could climb that tree!

Ecuador –  A search for lupine images took me back to a post, Twenty-One Wishes, which I wrote last year while helping friends in Mindo’s cloud forest.    The title referred to the 21 shooting stars that blessed my pre-dawn hours in August.    Seeing the post allowed me to reflect on images – from the handsome Black-Striped Sparrow to the lupines near Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest peak and to the memorial for my dear friend Marta.  I also noted the comments, which were unanswered but greatly appreciated during that time.

Thanks to all of you who faithfully followed those stories during that 15-month period – especially when the earthquake hit – and I was offline most of that time.  I apologize again for causing great worry when your queries went unanswered, until I was able to send a smoke signal that I was hundreds of kilometers from the epicenter.   Manabi Earthquake -First Report

What burned strongest today when I pondered the post and the word ‘Wish,’ was a song by Trevor Hall called Wish Man.

Enjoy the story he tells before singing the song, and ponder, ‘What’s your wish?”

“Down by the bayou,
Down by the bayou, I saw
Good things inside you
Good things inside you, they call
Into my memories of old,
Tell me what you know!
I saw a man there,
I saw a man and sat down
I shook his hand there
I shook his hand,
he laughed loud
And put a question to my heart
A question, oh, so sharp”

I marveled at his story, as he could have ignored the man when asked, “Hey Wish Man, what’s your wish?’ – but he didn’t.  He stopped and gave the man respect, which prompted a profound interaction – one that inspired a great song.

There are many ‘What if’s’ in our lives, and many times there are regrets — ‘What IF I had taken that other road…  What if I had better control of my words/my conversations/my retorts?   What if I had been more patient?’

“What if I had stopped to speak to the man on the sidewalk?”    We never know how far the ripple effect of our decisions – negative or positive – can reach, but if we did, we might be humbled.

Linda at Country Woman Studio stated in a comment today, “…I saw how important it was to live each day as if it were my last. ”    Re: Linda- If you want to see some bright and vibrant and highly-original art, check out her site.

Trevor Hall’s story rekindled one of my own. While sitting on a concrete retaining wall in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, I was painting a study of a small wooden house near the church.   An older person came along and visited with me for half an hour; just before he moved on he stated, “Thank you for taking time to talk with me.  You helped on old man forget about his pain for a while.”   And then he slowly walked away.

His remark did not inspire a great song, but his words did remind me that it often takes little effort to add sunshine to another’s day….

As for my day… hmmm, “I wish —”

It’s a really big Ceibo tree… I wish.. I wish I had a partner* in mischief to climb that tree!

*Comment from Jude: “You must get a ‘looking down’ shot Lisa! It really would make a terrific painting. Not sure how you’ll get your paints up the tree though! 😁 “

Don’t worry, dear friends and family who might worry; I don’t have plans to climb that tree anytime soon!  😁 😁 😁

Thanks for reading and for listening to the song.

What’s your wish?