June 30 – 2017 Jama Ecuador –   You might see where several earthquakes rattled Ecuador’s Coastal area today, and several hit very close to Jama.   One 6.0 rattled buildings and shook the landscape, which prompted many to bolt for the streets.     Another milder one followed about ten minutes later.

All’s fine in Jama; another small quake just gave a subtle reminder that Mother Earth continues to flex her joints.

A dance is presently in progress across town.  Perhaps the subtle quake was not a quake at all, but the vibrations from a foot-stomping ground-shaking fiesta!

Last night’s San Pedro-San Pablo fiesta

If a future quake should take out the power or internet, don’t worry; I’m in a bamboo hostal and surrounded with kind sweet friends!

Thanks, Debbie, for your concerns!

More info:  Quake report from ElDiario – Manabi Online Newspaper