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Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’   Source: Lao Tzu   —

Thanks TWICE to Eddie Two Hawks for two inspirational quotes in a row!  eddietwohawks.wordpress.com

The owners of the cabanas probably think I am sleeping, but in fact, I’m following the above advice to write today’s Timeout Post. After selecting, “Publish” I’ll return to the project.

Project?  What project?

Ladies and Gentlemen; step inside!

Fernando Cevallos Sabando and his assistant Gatito work on the upstairs DJ section of Kahlua 7.8.

Jama Ecuador    “Leeee-sah!” Fernando quietly called from outside my cabana door.  “Do you have the key?” 

Approaching the 8 A.M. work hour, Fernando needed the key to open the gates to Kahlua 7.8, a discotheque he is bringing out of hibernation.  The disco was always called, “Kahlua,” but the 7.8 links all comrades who experienced last year’s earthquake.

I opened the door, smiled and replied, “It’s hanging on the hot-water spigot on the water machine.’  

“Oh!” He chuckled; the first person in the outdoor kitchen usually turns on the hot water option for tea or coffee…  With his always-present smile, he added, “Excuse me – now go back to sleep!”

Fernando at work at Kahlua 7.8

Five hours earlier under a stunning Carl-Sagan sky, I drove into the hostal parking lot just before the roosters announced the approaching dawn.  Before retreating to my cabana,  I pondered the best place to leave the key.

I had last seen Fernando the night before at his brother’s Palo Santo Cafe.   We failed to discuss that detail when he handed me the key and said, “We are finished for the night.  The lights are set up for you.  Paint as long as you’d like.”

Perhaps the locals need a vibrant social spot for jazzing them out of their phone daze!

With a mischievous grin I replied, “You’re giving me the keys?  And I have all night to paint?  Oh my, you might be in for a shock when you show up for work in the morning!”

Upstairs – Control Center!

Fernando really did not need my help!  He has a large circle of multi-talented friends, and they have done a great job breathing new life into the old-but-popular hang-out spot.   He managed the disco about ten years ago, and after ‘responsible work’ of being a translator for a large project, Brer Rabbit is happy to be back in the brier patch, working with friends and tackling creative projects.

Fernando and Ricardo – cutting out a complex design. Ricardo, in the white shirt, is not only a painter; he is also a tattoo artist as well as a designer of specialty lighting.

The image was painted by Ricardo. The K/circle design in the middle is a light, subtle and dramatic at night.  — Note Fernando’s tattoo.

Jonathan, in the red shirt, specializes in murals – bright colorful ones.

I first met Jonathan when I popped in to say HI to Fernando; the artist had taken a break and would return soon.  The meticulous black details had not been painted around the palm leaves, so I asked Fernando if he thought it would be Ok to finish it and surprise Jonathan. – “Of course!”   We all laughed when he walked up and saw that the details had magically appeared!

“Lisa, I really want something here that you painted…” Fernando stated, and we discussed what area needed a touch of art.  We looked at an outside wall in the garden.  “I would like something authentic to the Jama Coaque Culture.  In tribal type colors.”   He suggested his tattoo, which showcases one of the Jama Coaque Sello designs.   With the wonders of modern technology, he produced a printed image of the tattoo design.

Hmmmm,” I wondered how to bring that tattoo to life!  I nudged the task toward Jonathan, who shrugged and stated, “That’s not my typical style of painting…”   

Ricardo made the hand after the outer circle dimensions were determined. The hand image will become a light…

The person doing the electrical work installed a temporary spotlight overhead, so the wall was well illuminated.  Watered-down paint was easier to see than pencil, and Ricardo stopped to visit while I was still working out the details.  We discussed each part of the printed image.

“Are these light bulbs?  I asked about the 8 objects radiating around the edge.

“No!” he replied, “they are arrowheads!”

“Arrowheads?”  I laughed, “I imagined these as old-fashioned Christmas lights!”

He added that the arrowhead spears were to look like they are punching through leather.

Testing the hand — hmmm, Fernando and I think it should be larger….

The first night I painted for a few hours, and hoped to return the next day to work in stronger light.  I also learned that the outer circle should represent stone – Ha – so the next session would be spent making it look believable!

More art by Jonathan

During normal work hours, the noise level shattered my concentration, and at the end of the work day, the guys were busy with other details, including testing the music videos.   I decided against asking them to set up lights for my area…  “Mas tardes,” I said, and resumed other tasks for the day.

Testing, Uno, Dos, Tres… From Electronic to Shakira

I dropped by the Cafe on my way to the work site, and Fernando was treating his after-hours crew to dinner.  That’s when he gave me the keys to the disco.

Ah, the town was blissfully quiet; the stars twinkled overhead, and I quickly focused on transforming the flat paint into stone, shadows and wood.   My biggest regret was not doing research on arrowhead points, but that could wait until the next day.

Around 2, my eyes reminded me that I was not young any more, so my creative voice respected the mental one that stated, Enough.  Wash your brushes and get some sleep.”

Here’s the image as of two last night:

I am now ‘armed’ with arrowhead and spear research, so – with distractions or in silence – it should be easy to transform those pointed ‘Q-tips’ into arrowheads this afternoon!

Kahlua’s grand opening will be on Saturday, July 15.