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“…Sweepin’ the floors, open up the doors
Yeah – turn on the lights, getting ready for the night …” – Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson

Fernando Cevallos – juggling tasks for opening night.

Jama Ecuador – Grand re-opening of Kahlua Discoteque – July 15, 2017

Heartwarming; it was absolutely heartwarming to witness so many people helping Fernando Cevallos Sabando prepare for the grand opening of Kahlua K 7.8.  Equally heartwarming was seeing those same workers dashing home to clean up, change into evening attire and return to celebrate the many months of hard work.  Everyone hoped that the community would be equally thrilled to stop by and show off their dancing skills!

Fernando asked if I would take some photos to help record this happy event; hopefully the following pictorial will transport you to Kahlua via the magic of cyberspace.   Pick up a paintbrush or help carry the heavy items upstairs, and your cover charge is free!  Pack your work clothes and your party clothes and prepare for a festive evening!

Don’t be bashful; step inside and join us!  It’s ladies’ night – no cover for you gals who like to dance!

“Sweepin’ the floors, open up the doors
Yeah – turn on the lights, getting ready for the night
Nobody’s romancing, ’cause its too early for dancing, but here comes the music…”

……….Please select, “Play” in the video below!…………


Oops! Flowers for the ladies’ room; but, it’s dark –  can someone find flowers?  No?Well, let’s work with what’s on the grounds…

Back at the entrance, a second paparazzi caught the first one!

Ha! It’s Ricardo! The artist/professor is also one of the bartenders tonight!

“…Bright lights flashing
They cover up your lack of so many people
So many problems…The rodeo clowns
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they pick me up when I’m down
The disco ball’s spinnin’, all the music and the women…”

Every single person shares a deep connection to last year’s 7.8 earthquake.  They all deserve these much-needed social gatherings.  Thank you, Fernando, for giving them a convenient place to drop in and enjoy visiting with friends.

“…What they really need, is just a little room to breathe…”

A rare glimpse of Fernando behind the bar!

…but did many people dance?

Leaving memories of last year’s earthquake outside the door, they stepped inside to celebrate friendship and the grand re-opening of Kahlua. They were still dancing when I left at 1:00 – perhaps they’re still dancing!

The final image for the night!

Kahlua 7.8 will open at 8 pm each Friday and Saturday night.