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We started with a forlorn counter top in need of cosmetic improvements.

“The joy in life comes from doing your own thing.” — Bob Ross

Near Playa San Miguel/Pueblo Nuevo de Bejuco – Costa Rica.

A counter top makeover quickly morphed into a totally-different style for a guest house outdoor-style kitchen.  The original was painted about six or seven years ago and had seen much use.  It deserved a renaissance treatment with fresh paint!  It was easy to spot the areas of heavy use, and we tossed around ideas for dodging similar problems in the future. Hank and Marie have decided to put this part of their property on the market, and the counter top was one of few things that needed attention.   See:A Little Monkey Told Me” for a sneak peek.

We enjoyed passing many tranquil hours – in the zen of painting in harmony and at times making room for others to help as well.   Thanks Patty and Wendy for your help!

With great teamwork, we nudged those painted pieces of ‘mosaic’ beneath the leaves – but the leaves looked lifeless…. ah, but shadows! Shadows would bring them to life!

On the final night, I worked late until a minor earthquake jolted me to a stopping point.

Sometimes even the artist is tricked.. I cannot remember if both of those sand dollars are painted – or if one is real and one is paint! I painted one; Marie painted one, and Wendy painted one.  There were also several real ones on the counter for reference.

Only Marie could answer that question – which is real  – or are both of these painted?

Several hours later we left for the airport, and I flew to Panama later that day. There was a large section of counter without improvements – on each side of the sink and beneath the area for the cook top.

“When you get a little challenge in your life you tend to enjoy it.” — Bob Ross

Marie, with training wheels off, soared past all self doubt and did an amazing job with the remainder!  She emailed images several days later!

But that wasn’t enough – she also painted a terra-cotta piggy bank for  a baby-shower gift!

How great it was to receive the images, but even greater was to read the excitement in Marie’s emails!

Well done, Marie!  Your training wheels should be passed along to someone else, as you soared to the top of the class!

What’s next?!!