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“You’ll have a lot more respect for a bird after you try making a nest.” – Cynthia Lewis

The tropical-foliage fabric (sheets) inspired a new project: curtains for the guest bedroom!  The botanical painting in progress paired well with the fabric…

But those black and white sheets did not belong in the same picture!


I first dunked the sheets in a sink of water, then transferred them to an area of the floor covered with plastic.   Then streaks of yellow acrylic paint were brushed across the fabric, and then random dots of green were added……..

So far, pretty ugly!

Yellows, blues, bright green and olive green all went into the mix! Two were from quart cans of acrylic latex house paint.  The others were artists’ paints.  Abandoning my brush, I scrubbed and squeezed the paint thru the fabric with my hands!

The fabric ‘soaked’ and dried slowly overnight.  The next morning, I took it outside to finish drying, then did the same to the bottom sheet and the pillow cases.

The curtains, made with the botanical fabric, are almost finished.   I’ve enjoyed packing, being online, sewing, packing, being online, but it’s time now to return to my new home, and to hang the curtains and then hem them.   Will share photos of the room on the next post.

This was a fun project!

Through Emma Lewis’s Petchary’s Blog, I’m honored to know the lovely Nadine Tomlinson, who published Friday Favorites Workplace Ideas  Drop in and say ‘Hi’ – and perhaps you’ll see a few new things as well as something familiar!  (Thanks again, Nadine!)

Some of you have asked about the floor at Casa Loca, and I’ll take some photos next time in Jama, but this image gives an idea of why it was time to move on.

The yard continues to slough into Rio Jama. 😦

“You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair” – Chinese Proverb

After today, I’ll be offline until later in the week.   Thanks, as always, for your support!