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A few days ago after a leisurely ‘Birding Walk,’ I noticed several citrus trees that were loaded with small mandarin oranges.   I asked my neighbors why no one was picking them.

P1370056 caretakers house flowers


“They’re too sour,” Melissa said with a dramatic twist of her face; “Nobody likes them.”

“Seriously?”  I marveled, “May I go pick some?  I also would like to get a higher view of the trees where I saw a mystery bird.

P1530104 oranges owl in background limbs

‘Whoo’s Watching?”

P1530097 there is the owl

There’s that sneaky little owl!

The mystery bird was absent, but the Peruvian Pygmy Owl watched from overhead.

The cafe, cacao and citrus area offers a great view of the houses below.   Moringa grows up here, as well as down near the house!

P1530110 mandarinas



There were several ‘mandarina’ trees with the tiny little oranges.  I sampled one, which was almost like eating an extra sour Lifesaver’s mandarin candy!

P1530119 citrus blossoms

Nearby another tree was in full flower.

P1530126 mandarinas

My imagination went a bit crazy as I pondered turning the mandarinas into little Jack-O-Lanterns!

P1530126 mandarina pumpkins

P1530127 mandarinas

“Get to work, Lisa! Don’t be greedy, but thanks for appreciating our beauty and worth!”

P1530128 mandarinas

P1530118 how many mandarinas

It’s getting dark – time to return to the house and enjoy a tea with mandarinas!

While brewing a guayusa/ginger/moringa flower tea, I selected some of the mandarinas for juicing while arranging others in front of the window.  What stunning color, and I invited the duende for a cup of tea.    Duendes fit in with the Halloween theme!

P1530157 mandarina still life

P1530224 duende

Mr. Duende, please behave yourself – no mischief, as this is a rented house!

P1530178 mandarina y morninga

Retrieving the moringa flowers, I left the Deunde as dusk weaned into night… I should have known he’d swipe my markers!

P1530178 mandarina pumpkinsP1530200 mandarina pumpkinsP1530234 duende mandarin pumpkin

Mr. Duende is watching the house right now, while I’m half an hour away at the cyber.  Tonight kicks off a holiday week here in Ecuador as we approach Novemeber 2, the day to honor those who have died.     I’ll be offline until the holiday is over – and the dust settles!

P1530145 landscape swirl

Happy Halloween!

P1520995 seedeater hill view