“I can change the world, with my own two hands
Make a better place, with my own two hands
Make a kinder place, oh with my, oh with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands
I can make peace on earth, with my own two hands
And I can clean up the earth, oh with my own two hands
And I can reach out to you, with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands
Oh, with my own, oh with my own two hands
I’m gonna make it a brighter place, (With my own)
I’m gonna make it a safer place, (With my own)
I’m gonna help the human race, (With my own)
(With my own two hands)”
   from: With My Own Two Hands –  Ben Harper

Mother and daughter – Quiet moment

Poza Honda Ecuador –  Meet my very kind and talented neighbors via this pictorial!  There are many stories yet very little internet time, so here’s a ‘tickler’ of images to pair with Ben Harper’s song.

We’ll start in Melissa’s home, where she invited her neighbors ‘for lunch.’  Not until the birthday cake appeared did I realize it was her birthday!

Young neighbors Valentina and Daniela have a bit of fun celebrating Melissa’s birthday.

Melissa demonstrates how they steam/sear the banana leaves before making the ‘tongas.’

The tongas deserve their own post, so for now, pretend to be me and wonder what’s inside!

After the birthday lunch and cake, we had an impromptu drawing lesson:

They drew very well!

On normal days, the guys work on various tasks on the property – like tending the coffee, cocao, papayas, fruit trees, bamboo, etc.

Josuelo and Edison – still smiling at the end of their work day…

They helped move the old kitchen work station (from Casa Loca) up the stairs to the new house…

It has a new purpose…

Now painted blue, it holds paints and supplies…

Those paints don’t just sit there looking pretty; they are used on many projects – and fine art!

The ‘fix-it’ corner…

Remember that window at Casa Loca?

The window has been transplanted and now has a new purpose:

*- I hope to be finished moving from Casa Loca in the next week.

Sometimes my sweet new neighbors stop by to say “Hi” or bring fresh eggs or help move something heavy — and at times I hand them a paintbrush and say, ‘Let’s paint!’

The girls needed to go home, which is about one minute down the road – on foot!

Melissa and Josuelo’s yard joins mine, and they helped paint for another half hour.

The next day was a ladies’ day for painting! Five of us worked on a fun sign for Casa Poza Honda!

They are very talented and contributed a lot with their own two hands! * (Those are dried coffee beans behind Daniela!)

At the end of the day, we coaxed Edison, father of the gals, and Josuelo, husband of Melissa, to join us…

Here’s an almost-complete family portrait taken after a school parade.  Edison was most likely at work, so he’s pardoned for being absent!

The set of parade photos will wait in queue for a future post.

This is scheduled to be posted on Wednesday morning, and I hope to be back online on Thursday to wish everyone in the USA a happy Thanksgiving.

14-year old Valentina is exceptionally talented…

After the parade…

Thanks to all of you for your positive support!  All’s fine, especially when surrounded by such loving neighbors!
Love, Lisa/Z