P1570870 nov 25 morning squirrel
“Howdy and Happy Holidays” from a generic restaurant in the city of Portoviejo!      (The squirrel prefers its holiday feasts at home in Poza Honda!)   Much-needed rain is falling outside, and I’m taking a timeout to say “Hi” before making the hour drive home – and offline again.

Good news – in a few months the internet problems should be solved, and if so – who knows, perhaps we’ll put a webcam for live views of the squirrel and other residents in the neighborhood!

P1600109 brown wood rail dec 4 dawn

Shopping for breakfast… – Dawn finds the Brown Wood Rail on an early-morning shopping spree!

P1570712 nov 24 squirrel

Look who’s raiding the banana feeder!

P1600285 dragonfy

While photographing this dragonfly from the window, I noted a second one a few feet away:

P1600288 2 dragonflies

Hmmmm; sometimes it’s a good practice to view the images… as this one had interesting features…

P1600302 closer look dragonfly orange stripes and big teeth

Grandmother, what big eyes you have.. and what big teeth you have! “The better to munch the holiday feast, my dear!”

More outside the window than inside, I kept trying for a better image of the striped dragonfly.. and then noted a new forager only a few feet away.  Barely breathing, I tweaked the camera in the other direction and managed to get several good photos…..

P1600331 squirrel

Raiding the Star-fruit tree!

Tis the season for holiday feasting! Happy Holidays to all!

P1580247 squirrel

Aha! A baby squirrel! Well, I suppose it’s OK for the parent to raid the feeder! (Note to self: Buy lots more bananas!)