P1450775 15 minutes away ayacucho park

Ayacucho Ecuador – While visiting with my friend Jody via email, I mentioned a stop at the hardware store after I finished at the cyber shop. With Christmas being only a few days away, I smiled and thought, “Dear Santa, Would you please bring me a quart of high-quality white paint and a kilo of nails?!!!”

That thought triggered a memory from another Christmas when I was living in Costa Rica. Marie’s daughter and granddaughters were visiting, and I planned to stop in and say ‘Hi” to them on Christmas morning. I suspected that the oldest granddaughter might ask what Santa brought me, so I first went to the little hardware store and bought a much-needed item – a hammer!

zoe y lisa one good friend

From 2012 – Quiet early-morning visit w/Zoe

As predicted, Sweet Zoe greeted me and asked what Santa brought me.
“A hammer!” I exclaimed.
Her face fell. ‘Oh.”

I explained that someone must have needed my old one more than I, as it had been stolen, and I use a hammer often. I was very happy to have a new one!
Now I try to brand my hammers, so if they happen to walk away, they will hopefully find their way back to Z’s workshop!
P1630103 hammer y projectsP1630105 hammer w paint

Will Santa be bringing you anything that most people would consider unusual?!

Just when I thought that ‘All I could want is that bag of paint and nails,”  a lovely new friend left an amazing gift post…  Morning with Lisa Brunetti –  Thank you, Cheryl!

  •  Thank you – EVERYONE – for the lovely comments over the past few weeks;  yesterday the battery died on the computer just as I published the Cause and Effect, and today I’m about to dash to a church communion service for the youth of the area…  Will be back online most likely on Tuesday…   Happy Holidays!