P1690585 MALE BECARD near nest

Which is it? The male One-coled Becard or the endangered Slaty Becard?

Poza Honda/Manabi/Ecuador – Wow! Thanks everyone for the great feedback on the post about the Becards! ‘Cinnamon Becard’ has been ruled out, since the male finally showed up for nest-building duty!   He’s been working for the past two days, and is probably wondering where the paparazzi human is today…

Busted again! The macadamia-eating squirrel!

Yes, I will be happy to take any of you on a birding walk! Or a birding-sketching walk! There’s even a house next door that’s used for tourism – three rooms/two floors and two kitchens! The rooms are $30 per person.  I’ll ask the owner if he might have a ‘Birding Package’  or a ‘Birding/Coffee’ package, as they grow coffee and cacao/chocolate – as well as moringa and papaya.  (I don’t think that the squirrel will share the macadamias!)

A series of photos plus a video caught a home invasion/inspection of the Becard’s nest, but the cowbird moved on within seconds.  The Becards returned several minutes later – do you think they could tell that someone had been tampering with their construction?

“Yikes! I shouldn’t have to lock the door!”

Company will arrive – perhaps in the next hour – to help watch the nest.. I am SO out of my league when it comes to scientifically observing the nest – a second set of eyes will be very helpful.

Jan 13 – good light but no birds….

For any of you interested in what’s happening in Ecuador, I am way overdue in pointing you to Sara Coppler’s Latitude Living, a weekly summary with links to articles written about Ecuador.   There are always topics of interest, from culinary to the arts and of course politics. LATITUDE LIVING Thank you, Sara, for including so many of my posts.

Name that Woodpecker!

Time to pick up a few items at the store and prepare for my assistant!

Thanks again!