P1890465 hermit barons

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Althsuler

This pilota is writing from a cyber, where music blares louder than my thoughts! She’s going to post this and soar back home to the serenity of silence!

What’s happening this week in the bird-crowded neighborhood?  Take a look out the back windows:

P1920615 two scarlet rumped caciques eating oranges

Scarlet-rumped Caciques. Oranges, Starfruit or Bananas? (They prefer the oranges!)

P1920582 where's the owl - may 24 peruvian pygmy owl - small file

Do you see the Peruvian Pygmy Owl? (Photo taken this morning.)

P1920530 may 24 peruvian pygmy owl - do i really have to work day and night for my food

It was snoozing this morning, but then awakened and searched for breakfast!

Photos from this past week:

P1920351 amazilia hummingbird

Amazilia Hummingbird gets a natural source of sugar from Porterweed, Papaya de Monte and Lantana


Amazilia Hummingbird on branch of Palo Santo.

While watching the hummingbird, I did not notice the VIP dining area in the orange tree beside the steps to the house!

P1920391 FEMALE ORANGE FRONTED BARBET in orange tree

Orange-fronted Barbet feasting on oranges!

Back on the other side of the house, the starfruit tree is a popular hangout…





Bananas, Oranges, Macadamias, Starfruit; this food thief is not a picky eater!

P1890465 hermit barons

Baron’s Hermit, a close cousin to the Long-billed Hummingbird

P1910013 cold coffee y art small file

(Thanks L&B for that very-special cup!)

Because the natural world demands my attention in the daylight hours, I prefer to work on serious art at night.  Aside from a random auto/moto or various wildlife sounds – some familiar and some mysterious – there are no distractions.    Here’s a straight-down view of ‘Two Cans’ in its beginning stage:

z P1890242 timeout for art timeout for TWO CANS

(This is a large acrylic painting.)

Here’s the evolution – sorry, I often forget to take photos, and oftentimes those photos are not too clear at night.

z P1890618 TWO CANS acrylic

z P1920625 TWO CANS - ACRYLIC in progress - Lisa Brunetti Art

Tonight I should strengthen/finish the palm leaves, and tomorrow, the main branch… The final session will be fine tuning the details on the toucans.

z P1920629 TWO CANS acrylic by lisa brunetti toucan art

One can sometimes spot weak areas while viewing a drawing or painting in a mirror – or via ‘horizontal flip’ on the computer.

For now, it’s time to fly home!   See you next time online, hopefully via quiet mode!


Rufpus-headed Chachalaca

P1920508 end of day poza honda small file