Museo Portoviejo – back left in this view (Image taken from Ceibo Dorado Restaurant)

Museo Portoviejo y Archivo Historico – Manabi Province – Ecuador
“Exposicion Artistica – Nomadas”

Alfonso Endaram – Ecuador
Lisa Brunetti – USA
Sigrid Tidmore – USA
Crystal Hayes – Canada
Yuliana Shevchuk – Russia
Abigail Herrera – Venezuela

Thank you, Mueso Portoviejo!

 Hildale de Ávila (left) and Alexandra Cevallos Castro (right)

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

A big ‘Thank you” goes to Museo Portoviejo and its director Jacqueline Álvarez for the Nomadas show that opened last week.  An extra-special “Thank you” goes to Alexandra Cevallos and Hildale de Ávila,  who lassoed these nomads (scattered through the province of Manabi) and showcased their works in this exposition! This is the first show EVER (for me) when all details were tended by others, and all I had to do was show up in time for the opening!

The museum provided lodging at nearby Ceibo Dorado Hotel and also honored the artists with a pre-opening dinner at the hotel’s top-floor restaurant.

Sunset view from the hotel restaurant.

View of the cathedral from the elevator!  (leaving the restaurant and heading to the musuem….)

The show was well received, and the Facebook crowd seemed delighted for photo ops with the artists! The arrangement of the paintings flowed well, with each artist’s work prominently displayed. It would be impossible for me to select a favorite painting – or even a favorite artist! The slideshow provides a sneak peek:

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Some of us were able to visit at breakfast the next morning; we discussed challenges as well as the benefits of creating art in Manabi.   We also hope to have a weekend aternoon ‘reception’ at the museum – so out-of-town friends can visit, meet the artists, view the show.   We learned a lot from each other, but also discovered that we need more ‘reunions’ to swap stories!  Hopefully we’ll get that chance later in September!

We arrived as strangers, but we parted as friends!