Semi-frozen pureed beets, carrots, guayusa-stevia tea and lemon. Garnish is Blue Porterweed, which ‘tastes like mushrooms’ (It really does!)

Red as cranberries, the beets give the above ‘drink’ an eye-popping color.  The carrots add to the sweetness.  But how does it taste?

“It tastes like green things,” my friend Dady said last year when she sampled the beet-carrot-apple-orange drink at Hostal Palo Santo.    Every time I make a similar drink, I recall her words – and everyone’s laughter – as she politely drank the raspberry-colored juice.

The resident squirrel has been nibbling grass this past week.

“It tastes like green things!”

The Blue Porterweed is an edible plant of interest and has promising medicinal properties.

The Amazalia Hummingbird has few flowers at this time of year, but the Porterweed provides a daily supply!  The flowers also make a lovely garnish!

The past few weeks have been busy, and the next few months will be even busier, but I wanted to share that little chuckle and hope that you in the USA have a nice holiday weekend.

If you make a similar blend, let us know if it tastes like green things!