Part One: Reception Saturday Sept 29, 2018 – Museo Portoviejo/Manabi/Ecuador – Noon – 4 pm.

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Part Two:

We are often advised to focus on one particular task – to pay complete attention without allowing our minds to wander. When drawing or painting or even when gardening, I easily veer into an intense focus, and the outside world fades away. I am unable to read or write (well) if someone is in the room; it is not my nature to ignore another person in order to focus on my own tasks. I usually close the book or shut down the computer until a later time. Sometimes while reading, I realize that my wandering mind is recalling a conversation or is pondering tasks for the day. Exasperated, I shut down what some people call the monkey mind, and start reading again – from the beginning. (I think that’s called going through life in the ‘right-brain’ mode!) Other times I pay attention to the monkey mind’s voice so that it has my complete attention and hopefully dismiss it for the day!

A well-written novel lassos me with the opening sentence, and I am one-hundred percent attentive to that story until the final sentence. I inhabit that world of fiction and am entertained by the story; I also admire and appreciate the writer’s gift.

An excellent storyteller, Don Ostertag shares true stories from his years at the Guthrie Theater. He has been in silent mode, one that cycles through many writer’s lives, and he explains his 5-month absence through this new post. From the opening sentence to the final one, “THE FALL -Act 1” held my complete attention and reminds us that we only have today.

I am writing this while offline and will publish later. Comments will be off, since it seems unfair to all of you who offer ongoing support – while I remain mostly offline and silent. There’s lots to share, but for now, enjoy Don’s post.

Go here: THE FALL – Act I — Please give him a well-deserved standing ovation! He – and his wife – deserve it!