P2270106 inauguration museo

A special thanks to my friend Barbara Seibel, who arrived two weeks ago to finalize a mountain of details for this Journey show!

Museo Portoviejo – Portoviejo/Manabi/Ecuador –

“Amazing!  Awesome!” my friend Barbara stated when asked what she felt now that the exposition has been formally presented to the public!   She could equally have stated, “Exhausted, depleted, over worked,” as we put in long hours, pushed our physical limits and battled insects if we worked past sunset.   Our self-imposed deadlines were pushed back when we could only work in daylight hours!

P2090879 insects

(From August) They are harmless, but flock to any light and find their way inside the house! Best to use candles, and one cannot paint by candlelight! (Or varnish a floor!) (Linda, you surely laughed?)

Alas! The show does go on – and it did – though we worked until half an hour before time for the inauguration and then dashed to the ladies’ bathroom to change into more-proper attire!

P2270174 carlos putting up tagsP2270176 carlos hanging tagsP2270180 hanging worksP2270096 MUSEO EXPO if fish could flyP2270211 in auditorium

P2270206 lisa y alexandra foto by carlos

(Is that the same person that was running around half an hour ago in jeans, w/flyaway hair and had black paint on her hands?)

The entrance and first part of the exhibit showcases relics from Casa Loca, and the 8 x 8 floor on plywood that Barbara helped me paint.  (or suffered to help me paint – and varnish!)  The Museum played this companion video that shows the evolution of a hand-painted floor.  Barbara said that many people enjoyed watching the video.  (We allowed the music to play once, then turned down the volume!)  She said that she saw a few of them laughing!

No one expected an impromptu musical Act II, which easily followed the formal viewing of the paintings.   There were so many talented musicians that I lost count, several original songs – one by the Museum’s Carlos Wellington! – and even poetry readings by Ivo Uquillos and another by Hildale de Avila.    Sitting comfortably at floor level, we became a serene circle of easy friendship.

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Thank you as always, and we’ll be back online later in the week!

Lisa (and Barb!)  (A special thanks to Lettie Quadrado for providing some of these images!)