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April 10, 1824. I was introduced to the son of Lucien Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon, a great ornithologist, I was told. He remained two hours, went out, and returned with two Italian gentlemen, and their comments made me very contented.” That evening he was taken to the Philosophical Academy[32] where the drawings were greatly admired…” –  (from AUDUBON AND HIS JOURNALS – 1897)

Ecuador – The Museo Portoviejo exposition nears the end and presents a new challenge; what will I do with all of these children?!!!!

p2420436 brugmansias y guard

For a last-minute tour, here’s a slideshow:

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Alas, nature beckons and prompts me to continue, so I observe – and I paint!  Unlike Audubon, I have an advantage of a camera – but with most every study I wish to have a live (or preserved) bird for more-precise reference material.

July 19th (1824) – Young Harris, God bless him, looked at the drawings I had for sale, and said he would take them all, at my prices. I would have kissed him, but that it is not the custom in this icy city.” (Audubon and His Journals)

(The above quote gave me a great chuckle; I hope that you enjoyed it as well!)

p2420395 common tody flycatchers y nest large file watercolor

“Nesting” – Common Tody Flycatchers – Watercolor by Lisa Brunetti

The Common Tody Flycatcher study joins a growing sanctuary of originals! So many beautiful birds!  Feeling like a mix between Audubon and Van Gogh, I wonder, “Shall I tuck the originals under my arms and peddle them in Europe?!!!”

“January 18. (1828) – This afternoon I took a cab and with my portfolio went to Mr. Children’s. I cannot, he tells me, take my portfolio on my shoulder in London as I would in New York, or even tenacious Philadelphia.”
(Audubon and His Journals)

With the growing collection of feathered watercolors, I hesitate to part with them.  A much-larger project, “One Bird at a Time,” moves forward – one bird at a time!

P2420896 smooth billed ani watercolor small file  13 x 16  paper 14 x 17.jpg

Smooth-billed Anis – Watercolor by Lisa Brunetti

(The Smooth-billed Anis have a home in Colorado, but they might have to wait for better weather to fly there!)