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p2360482 jama to canoa deforestation

Near Jama – How many species lost their homes when this area was scalped?

Manabi Province/Ecuador  — Parked in Ayacucho with a load of plastic-wrapped paintings from the Museo, I am passing along great news about the Third Millennium Alliance.  (“Who?” – you might ask?!) I intended to write a few stories about this group in the future, but an email sent from the Alliance today prompted me to write AHORA/NOW!

Why so sudden; why NOW?  ( I am writing from the park, half an hour from home.)

If you have an interest in chocolate and its origins, and if you enjoy reading/hearing about people doing good things and making things happen – especially in Manabi Province, and if you respect anything that National Geographic publishes, then you’ll appreciate this hurried notification!

Tomorrow, January 28th,2019 – National Geographic TV will place the spotlight on this just-south of the equator group.   They wrote, “National Geographic sent a team down to Ecuador to shoot an episode of their “Explorer” series. The story is supposed to be about our efforts to save Ancient Nacional cacao from extinction—a project we’re doing in partnership with To’ak Chocolate, which was co-founded by one of our co-founders.”

For the rest of that story, it’s easier for you to visit  the To’ak Chocolate Website – HERE… .


And the National Geographic Explorer TV site HERE...


p2330059 golden olive woodpecker small file

Golden Olive Woodpecker, Cassia Trees near my home in the The ‘Not-so-Protected’ Protected Forest of Poza Honda

As for the Third Millenium Alliance, I remain baffled at how I could have been living so near this area and never crossed paths with anyone from this group! You all know my concerns about the rapidly-vanishing landscape, and I am so relieved to know that this amazing group of people are saving precious remnants of my beloved Manabi Province.

They express my same concerns via this very-short introduction video from 2017:


and their New Year’s 2019 video gives a great update with startling statistics and will hopefully attract new supporters for the Alliance:…

Please pass this to anyone who might be interested in helping save what’s left – before it’s sold to others who will most-likely destroy it.  The Third Millennium Alliance website is HERE:  Third Millennium Alliance

Thanks in advance for giving them your support, and if possible, enjoy the National Geographic story!

Now I will dash home and hopefully unload the truck before it’s too dark to see!  The skies have been kind this afternoon!

P2270121 THE MUIR TREE W calligrahy

“The Muir Tree” with John Muir’s quote in English and Spanish . (Thank you again Steve Swartzman for the translation!)  (“Any fool can destroy trees.. they cannot run away… and if they could…”_