P2440239 whooping motmot soaked

A soaked Whooping Motmot!

A queue of amazing comments patiently awaited my return to cyberspace. Thank you, everyone, for the time it took to leave such heart-touching feedback to the not-so-traditional post. Some of your comments brought tears to my eyes, and I am touched by your kind hearts and your concerns.

Rains continue, and in one 24-hour period last week, heavy rains filled the just-emptied rain gauge. I hoped to catch up today via internet, but another session of heavy rains hit after I reached town! Without time to give each comment a worthy reply,  may this post serve as a token voucher until the next time I’m online.

P2420612 uh oh lluvia rain

(I did not leave soon enough – the rain got me!) The water level is much higher now!

I’ve been drawing and painting a lot, and it will be fun to share images of the waterfalls that can be seen from the house – on the far side of the reservoir! The rains continue to chase me from lakeside perches – and up the hill I dash w/camera in hand/drawing supplies under my arm!


P2430505 whooping motmot after the rains

Ah!  Dry feathers – much better!

See you later in the week, weather permitting!