“And now there’s another reason to ask, “Are you ok?” I just read about the 7.5 earthquake this morning. It does look as though effects in your region were light, and I’ve not seen any reports of damage or injuries. It did cross my mind to wonder how a stronger or closer earthquake would affect your reservoir. I’ve seen those videos of swimming pools in earthquakes — quite interesting.”(Comment from  multi-talented Linda in Texas – The Task at Hand)


Thanks to all of you for your comments, your critiques on the recent art, and for your concerns about yesterday’s earthquakes.  Yes, the first one gave us a strong dawn wake-up shake, and my house shook for over a minute.  The second quake hit four minutes later, and the third one waited 20 minutes as if to ask, “Are you awake yet?”

P2470387 water level at poza honda feb 21

(Poza Honda dam/reservoir – Manabi Province – Ecuador) Water hyacinths soar over the dam – Feb 21, 2019

P2470712 feb 22 w melissa y joselo represa stop

Poza Honda dam/reservoir – February 22, 2019


Ah, Lisa, your intuition is working overtime again, amiga! There was more reason than you imagined for people to ask after your welfare. Hopefully you are still OK, and I now see that you are pretty far from the earthquakes’ epicenters. “ (from another multi-talented blogger friend Lynn – Blue Brightly)

Would you like to join the ‘water watchers’ to see the water going over the dam?!!

P2470722 feb 22 w melissa y joselo represa stop view of poza honda

View of Poza Honda Reservoir/Ecuador – Feb 22, 2019

P2470448 view of represa at night water level gauge

P2470394 man pulling water hyacinths over dam

Working hard to give those water hyacinths a boost over the edge…

P2470395 man pulling water hyacinths

Is he wondering how many more days of water hyacinths?

P2470414 water going over dam y hyacinths

Good riddance! They clog the reservoir, yet now they’ll clog the rio…

P2470409 water going over dam

P2470746 chestnut collared martin y organic shapes represa

The water makes beautiful organic designs on the concrete spillway.

P2470738 chestnut collared swallow

Chestnut-collared Swallows  nest beneath the overpass.

From Cuenca High Life: “Although reports of damage and injuries continue to come in, Ecuador’s Secretariat of Risk Management (SNGR) says Friday morning’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Morona Santiago Province could have been far worse.”

P2470761 water over the dam water level gauge y man feb 22

Feb 22, 2019 – Water-level gauge at Poza Honda dam.

Thank you again for your comments and concerns;  how’s the weather where you are?

P2470391 man in water

(I don’t know if he was fishing or working on the dam!)

I hope to be back on line on Tuesday.   Until then I’ll be watching nature, the water, and painting!

P2470796 watercolor in progress of house wren c lisa brunetti

Wren study in progress; next session will be to add the dark snippets of color to the wings and tail. (Watercolor by Lisa Brunetti)