ARDIS at the CIDAP / Cuenca Ecuador
CIDAP –  (Centro Interamericano de Artesanias y Arte)
Feria de Comercio/ Craft Fair
12-14 – April 2019
10:00 20:00 in the Gardens of CIDAP
Hermano Miguel 3 – 23 y Paseo Tres de Noviembre
Cuenca – phone: 072840919

Cuenca Ecuador –  Many times I learn about events when the newspapers showcase the highlights – and the event is already over.  This conference, with participants from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Cuba and Ecuador,  opens on Monday, April 08 (2019) and offers much more than the ordinary ‘Crafts’ fair!   Mindo’s Diego Patino will speak about sustainable carpentry at 9:45 on Wednesday.

The schedule of events for April 08 – 10 (and location) can be found HERE: Conferencia 08 – 10 Abril/entrada gratuita.

P2560182 diego patino mindo carpentry

Mindo Carpentry prepares for Cuenca ARDIS event

With profound respect for our forests,  the Patiño family salvages driftwood from rivers, find beauty in old tree roots and discarded limbs.  They create beautiful bowls, cutting boards – even earrings from the smallest items that many people might toss in the trash.

P2560213 diego patino mindo carpentry handsP2560008 diego patinos 10 dollar wooden bowl and 8 dollar spoon. true art

Diego, who is also the president of the Nature Guides of Mindo, graciously allowed me access to their workshop as they prepared the final items for the show.

P2560009 diego patino workshop preparing items for cuenca show next wed

P2560209 diego patino mindo carpentryP2560211 diego patino mindo carpentry

P2560207 diego patino mindo carpentryP2560189 diego patino mindo carpentry toolsP2560190 diego patino mindo carpentry toolsP2560193 diego patino mindo carpentry

P2560173 handsP2560195 diego patino mindo carpentry smiles

P2560207 diego patino mindo carpentry

The best treat, however, was seeing finished pieces displayed in their showroom!

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If you plan to be in the Cuenca area, I hope you can attend the conference and-or the fair and say “Hi” to my Mindo friends!

For more information: Ardis/CIDAP

If you’re in Mindo, drop by their showroom!

P2560219 diego patino mindo carpentry sofia in front of shop

The Patiño-family’s website: Mindo Carpentry telephone: 0981534809


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