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Manabi Ecuador –   Four days ago while working on photos, I switched from images to a blank Word document and typed, “10:45 PM EARTHQUAKE APRIL 12,” then resumed work on the photos.

For the next ten or so minutes, my eyes were perusing images while my survival instincts were tuned to the surroundings in case a second quake followed the first.

Some of those who experienced Ecuador’s 7.8 earthquake (3 years ago near the epicenter) said there was a mild ‘bump’  seven or so minutes earlier.

“Was that an earthquake?” they wondered.

The second one, they said,  arrived like a bucking bull coming out of the chute.

When I recall those days that followed, one of my most-comforting memories was the email from Helene, a friend in France.

Angels Watching Over Us – Ecuador Earthquake

Today her country is adjusting to its own heart-wrenching loss via the  Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

We often forget that we’re all part of the fabric of this planet.  Disasters can dissolve language barriers and invisible walls of separation.   Compassion for our fellow man links us at a soul level,  an attitude that overlooks our differences and focuses on our concerns for each other.