Between errands I’m dumping images to speak in my behalf, as my online options have presented challenges this past month.  My computer’s anti-virus does not trust many public wifi sites, so often this is what greets me when trying to check in with the world:  Check out these screen shots, best as a slideshow:

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The Brown Wood Rails have given outstanding performances this past month, and they are probably eating bananas right now as I type – an hour away from the bosque.  This week I’ve been refreshing my floor-painting/repairing skills:

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The Wood Rails provided days and days and more days’ worth of viewing pleasure.   Not only the rails, but also many other species allowed amazing moments.

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For an illustrated narrative (using images from my bird paintings) enjoy this PDF:

one bird at a time NOT – Many Birds at a Time

I keep forgetting to share that I now have a new visa!   The old one was no longer an option (for working in the arts) and they assured me that this one would be better.   After a two-month wait, the visa was granted.  Are you ready for what it’s called?   They called it an ‘Electronic Visa’ – so there is no new stamp in my passport – it was sent electronically, and I have the option to print it if needed, or ‘open your i-pad and show it if someone asks.’

Ha, I don’t have an i-pad, and I was a little disappointed that the old system seems to be obsolete.   No more stamps that show the history!   There are more hurdles to clear, but this was a nice one, and next week will be a new set of hurdles, but the biggest one has been cleared!

P2400835 look up jets y missels

How’s this for an ‘antique’ flyover from earlier in the year? No problem, I have my visa, sir!