Guayaquil Ecuador – Sometimes the wisest plan is to “stay put” until the smoke clears.    The news last night showed protests in many major cities of Ecuador, and a peek now at Portoviejo news confirms that even if I find transport back to Manabi, the route might be blocked.

(After scanning headlines now at the cyber, I fear that some of my loved ones might be worried with the “State of Emergency” news…  Unable to reach the emails, I am updating here….)

Aside from buying a burro – and I am tempted because the adventure would be a great one –  I will enjoy this holding pattern near the airport and bus terminal until the conflict is over.

In addition to the laptop charger, I also left my paints in Portoviejo.  Me thinks I should buy a few tubes and brushes and start painting the area in happy colors!

P1780208 burro

Please please! I would love to take Lisa back to Manabi!

(All is calm and very quiet near the airport.)

Until next cyber visit, probably tomorrow,                                                                                      Z