Manabi Province, Ecuador – The approaching weekend brings us two birding events – October BIG Day and Global Bird Weekend.

A just-finished birding tower at Poza Honda; the local policeman stopped by to visit!

As my Colorado friends remain silent as they witness the Cameron Peak Fire, I will keep them in my heart while spending the weekend at Poza Honda.

The image below is from Read about the fire, starting here – ( )

I nudge you all to spend a little time with the birds – and nature – this weekend. We so often take our natural landscape for granted, and it’s heart breaking to witness our planet’s signals of distress.

If you have not seen Nemonti Nenquimo’s letter to world leaders, please take time to read her heart-felt plea. I cried – and most likely many others have as well.

This amazing woman opens her letter by stating she is a Waorani woman, and “… I am a Waorani woman, a mother, and a leader of my people. The Amazon rainforest is my home …” – Go here: “This is My Message to the Western World.”

Yellow-rumped Cacique inspecting Mucuna Flowers

Saturday, October Big Day is for observing and sharing the bird-observation data with eBird, and the Global Bird Weekend (this is the first year) – is about sharing your photos, drawing, experiences – while also being sensitive to others regarding Covid risks.

*(This year’s t-shirt design featuring the Brown Wood Rail)

The outdoors is a perfect place to social distance, and I definitely look forward to breathing some very-pure air at Poza Honda! Heading there tomorrow!

Signing off and sending love to you all,

Lisa (PS – this new WP platform took me through many redundant prompts, even for uploading an image. Is this truly better and more streamlined than Classic?!)