Redundant – Thesaurus: (adj) excess, extra, spare, supererogatory, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus, unnecessary (similar term), unneeded (similar term) 2. (adj) pleonastic, tautologic, tautological, prolix (similar term).

“And I think that before I shall have finished this work, it will be necessary for me to repeat the same thing many times over; so, O reader , blame me not, because the subjects are many , and memory cannot retain them and say: This I will not write because I have already written it; and if I did not wish to fall into this error it would be necessary , every time that I wished to copy something, in order not to repeat myself, to read over all the preceding matter, all the more so since the intervals are long between one time of writing and another .” Thoughts on Art and Life, by Leonardo da Vinci 22d day of March, 1508

Oh reader! There are stories to share, and the subjects are many! The topic of ‘redundant’ will follow at the end of this post.

Ecuador’s Flag

The people of Ecuador, much like in many countries, remain divided on who is the best candidate to take the presidential reins. As many predicted, Andres Arauz, who hopes to bring back ex-president Corea’s platform, promised $1,000 to many of the poor people. He received the largest majority of the votes, but Lasso – who was expected to receive almost as many votes, found ‘Yaku’ challenging him for that #2 spot! This reminds me of a photo-finish horse race!

Here is the official website link for an accurate summary:

And a link to the Ecuador Times which has an interesting assortment of stories today.  Disconnect from politics in the USA and see what’s happening here!  Ah, drama! EcuadorTimesEnglish

Outgoing President Moreno has added a bit more drama to the show in what some say is wise – and others say not – concerning Ecuador’s Central Bank reserves. Here’s a link to the story in English:

Following an IMF directive, Moreno moves to restrict the use of Central Bank reserves, angering Arauz

I find myself wondering what John Perkins might say about all of this. If you’ve never read his ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,’ it’s worth the time to listen to one of his talks.

OK. Now for the fun news!

Years ago in the USA I would drop off a new painting at a frame shop. Selecting mats and frames was never my favorite part – I was always happy to say, ‘Whew! Finished,’ and turn it over to a professional. Returning to pick up the framed painting, I would always be shocked to see how much better it looked with that professional touch. Wow.

It’s not so easy to get custom frames in areas like Poza Honda and the nearby town of Ayacucho! Franklin did a great job, even if the task of finishing each frame went to my hands.

If any of you subscribe to Birdwatching Magazine, the March-April 2021 issue should be in your hands soon. My copy reached my sister’s home this past week, and a VIP bird from Ecuador is featured in one of the articles. (Actually there are two VIP birds from Ecuador in that issue.)

Editor Matt Mendenhall and the Birdwatching staff transformed the Brown Wood Rail story in the same manner that a gallery uplifts the status of a work of art. Indeed, I am blessed! That issue is here: BirdWatching March/April 2021

The birding world has another special weekend approaching – The Backyard Bird Count. I’m not sure if I’ll be at Poza Honda or in Portoviejo at Parque las Vegas, but for sure it will be fun to see how many birds show up to be counted!

Assuring my friend Jorge (Poza Honda) that starting a WordPress site was not too difficult, I volunteered to help start one. Working from afar – and with slow internet and in public areas, I decided to toss around some ideas and later share with him. The new Block Editor, however, has made that task more difficult than expected. Every so often I find ways back to Classic through administrator and a little drop-down menu that offers Classic or Block – still a lot of steps between wanting to start a post and actually beginning! Later, after viewing the page in progress and going back to ‘edit’ mode, I find the Block editor waiting back at home base.

Makes me want to relieve stress with a hammer!

(From 2014 – a chuckle for Marie!)

In Classic I can upload as many images as needed – in one easy, ‘add image’ click, but in Block there are four clicks before the ‘upload image from file’ shows up. One photo at a time, and then the prompt to add another block, and four more clicks. Surely there are shortcuts? I found myself thinking, ‘Redundant. Redundant,’ as the work moved at a snail’s pace! Classic was such a breeze, and Block plays hide and seek. Working in public spaces – usually the nearby restaurant – and racing the laptop battery’s time allowance, it’s been a challenge! I sometimes wonder if I could hide in the museo and work all night while it’s closed!  (Don’t worry, I would not consider being a stow-away for the night, but it would be a nice option!)

The grumbling’s over, but I wonder how many others experience similar frustrations . It’s no longer a joy to visualize and then design a site and add posts – it’s a battle of egos, and Block editor seems to have control! Classic – for me – was much faster and without so many redundant steps.

Alas, struggles or not, I find a smile in my heart when each day is finished, and I send my thanks and blessings all the way around the world and into the heavens before falling asleep. I thank the angels watching over me – surely there are many! – and think of all of the people who have touched my life – and the list dominoes in all directions, including to all of you who provide online support, especially in these Covid times. Thank you all! As I state in the Birdwatching article, I am blessed.