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Big feet seem to be everywhere!

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“What we’re doing hasn’t worked; we have to find new ways to move forward.  Nature is worth the effort.”  Lisa Brunetti

…Step into My World…   28/October/2021 – April 2022

Portoviejo-Manabi Province – Ecuador Inauguración Exposición:

Entra a mi mundo – Museo Portoviejo y Archivo Histórico

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The tree trunk goes HERE:

This tree was my friend; it offered shade and visual gifts to me. It offered refuge to many species. It was felled to join other comrades to be sent across the Pacific – destroying Ecuador’s rapidly vanishing forests – to be used in the wind turbine industry. This was a sobering realization for me.

Bamboo seems to be one of few choices that has a lighter impact, but some landowners whack back every cane in order to harvest the mature ones.   Can our species remember to spare the habitat for those neighbors that thrive in the wild?

Enter the museo and follow the yellow-brick yellow-track trail….

In the gallery space adjacent to the auditorium, Daniel Arias displayed a collection of bird photographs.  Visitors were able to view the images and visit with Daniel before and after the inauguration. 

Photo by Museo Portoviejo/ shared by Carlos Wellington

The inauguration began with a classical ballet performance by Daniel’s brother, Elías Arias- true grace and beauty and strength – poetry for the eyes.

(Starting around minute 19.)

“Danza de un Cisne Herido en sus últimos momentos de agonía”  – 
Coreografía: Elías Arias sobre la original de Ricardo Cue
Música: El Lago de los Cisnes        Autor: Camille Saint Saëns

The Dance of the Dying Swan – performed by Elias several weeks ago at Casa de la Cultura.  (Images from the 28th were not too clear.)

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At 1 hour 33 in the video: Martha Terán

“El ave que se atreve a caer, es el ave que aprender a volar”

Alzando el vuelo, intervención performatica de Martha Terán. Música : Antara, instrumentos autóctonos. Edición : Diego Camacho. 

Vestuario : Layne Uquillas.

Chal: Pintado por Lisa Brunetti.


And then in groups of twenty and following the trail of yellow tracks,  the visitors moved one floor higher.

After reaching that floor, I took very few photos.   The museo will be closed from now until Thursday for holiday, and when it reopens, I will photograph the entrance where these big feet preside:

I cannot close without sharing a few test samples!  I invite you to step into my world:    1.  Using either Google Play or Apple, download the Artivive app.  

  2.  After the app downloads, aim your phone at this iguana, which wishes it lived the high limbs of a real forest:

“I wish I were a horse… or maybe a bird.. but I would be happy to live in a big tree in the forest…”  (All credit goes to Giovanni Ruiz, who showed me this technology and helped implement it into my work.)

Or maybe the little masked cartoon bird wishes to be a bird in the wild:

What do  you think this mask critter would like to be?

Monkey Mask – acrylic

Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you enjoyed the peek behind the scenes!  Happy Halloween! Lisa

Photo by Museo Portoviejo, shared by Carlos Wellington.  (Can you spot two creatives who worked through the night?!)

A special thanks goes to Andres, Dady y Gigi for their tireless help and cheerful spirits.  

and a finale of a sobering and thought-provoking video, shared today by Peter Sinclair/ClimateCrocks