(Photo by Marie Groff)

Near Chimborazo/Ecuador 2012 – Photo by Mari Groff


(Powered by Oxford Languages · Bing)                                                              NOUN
an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical: “the first obvious manifestations of global warming”
the action or fact of showing something: “the manifestation of anxiety over disease”
synonyms:  display · demonstration · showing · show · exhibition · presentation · indication · illustration · exemplification · exposition · disclosure · declaration · expression · profession
a symptom of an ailment: “a characteristic manifestation of Lyme disease”
synonyms:  sign · indication · evidence · proof · token · symptom · testimony · substantiation · mark · symbol · reflection · example · instance
a version or incarnation of something or someone:  “the butterfly was one of the many manifestations of the Goddess”
an appearance of a ghost or spirit: “some supernatural manifestations are regarded as portents of good or evil”
synonyms:  apparition · appearance · materialization · visitation


– from Spanishdict.com:
1 (Política) (desfile) demonstration; (concentración) mass meeting; rally
2 (muestra) [de emoción] display; show; (señal) sign
manifestaciones de alegría/júbilo jubilation
han recibido muchas manifestaciones de apoyo –  they have received a lot of support
manifestaciones de duelo – expressions of grief
una gran manifestación de entusiasmo  – a great show of enthusiasm
3 (declaración) statement; declaration
4 (Chile)(also manifestación social)  – social occasion
5  manifestación de impuesto (México) – tax return

Ecuador – June 25, 2022

Anyone tuned into the fabric of Ecuador will have recently heard the word, ‘Manifestation‘ maybe hundreds of times.   The past week has been a serious one, and many found themselves stranded at airports or in the city.  We have been checking the Ecuador 911 road website to see what roads are blocked and which might be open.  In Manabi Province, everyone is more cautious, yet the violence seems centered in the Andes and other areas.   Many products produced in the Andes aare not reaching the coast, so the supply of cool-weather crops like broccoli and potatoes is exhausted.  Smaller towns and cities seem to be less affected than the larger cities, where many shelves are bare.   Even in the ‘grocery stores’ of Portoviejo, there is clear plastic holding in refrigerated air that cools nothing but empty space.

I well remembered October 2019 when protests shut down the country and stretched that anger all the way to the coast.

Screenshot: Protests from 2019

From Oct. 2019 – Portoveijo,  One block from where I live.

One of many videos reporting the present crisis, this one from today, June 25:

Ecuador’s problems pair with problems throughout the world, as if no one seems to find neutral ground… Simmering embers of discontent seem to be bursting into stronger conflicts.    This past week, while off line most of the time, I caught sight of a baffling news story, and have just returned to see if it was from years ago.  But no, this happened last week:  Afghanistan Earthquake Recovery

The photo of that dear man sitting on the rubble – wow – how can anyone own a heart so hardened that the image does not coax more compassion for all?

June 13, La Tomatera /Portovieijo,Ecuador

The Angel Paz story is one that offers hope and illustrates the goodness of man at his/her best.  If you have time, check their GoFundMe page with the latest updates.   They are approaching 100,000 dollars in donations from five to ten to hundreds to thousands of dollars!  Heart warming in a time of much sorrow and conflict.

With this I close and hope that this new solstice cycle brings better times for the world.