Critiques and Testimonials

Hope Carr/Yazoo City, Mississippi

 IN regard to Lisa and her art work, my very first teacher in Yazoo City, Mississippi and one who has continued to teach and inspire me after 25 years.  Having studied with masters in the arts, what differentiates Lisa and others is her knowledge of her subjects and the amount of study she puts into each piece of art she approaches.   Her love of nature – what is real – combined with the rhythm of mola design is simply genius.  Complexity translates to simplicity which spins into wonder.   

Lisa is a modern master unaware of her own accomplishments, but ever aware of the natural beauty that surrounds her.

She is an art historian of nature.

(Hope Carr – November 2011) 

Its nice to be able to share ideas but its a gift to be able to inspire at the same time.  You sweet friend, are gifted. HC


Barbara Seibel/ Republic of Panama

 My daughter and I had the extreme pleasure of being the “First” students in Lisa’s   “I CAN DO THIS” workshop.   Not only did we learn a lot but we had so much fun with this new concept of drawing  and then painting our picture.   Just knowing Lisa dreamed this project up out of her artistic head to bring out some of our “hidden creative talents” was even more special.   I am extremely pleased that she has gone on to show others this concept, so  they can also say,   “I CAN DO THIS”.  To me this just shows  Lisa’s skills and talent for not just being a great artist  but also a fabulous teacher.   Keep up the great work Zebra!!    Hugs and Love,  Barbara Seibel


Cis Wilson/ Kentucky y Costa Rica

After  Lisa Brunetti’s “I Can Do This” workshop I painted my first mola.

This was quite a breakthrough for someone who had never painted anything but walls before the workshop.

A patient, creative teacher can bring out the best in you, as I discovered after working with Lisa.


Dan Wise – Rio Colorado Lodge (Costa Rica) & Costa Rica Outdoors

Art, marketing and the eye of an artist…. Dawg you are so damn good at what you do and so at peace with your space and your union with our damn planet I am soooo jealous… You see, you are truly multitalented for sure. 

Really nice yes put a copyright on everything you got including your brain….. and smile too…. Knowing you are out there in the universe makes me feel the world is not quite as out of balance as it is.  DD


 Vera – Toronto

“Had a chance to see your website. Love it. It is so you…full of life, creativity, fun and uniqueness! And recipies too.”    Vera – Toronto


24 thoughts on “Critiques and Testimonials”

  1. Whoever you are. Your blog inspires. Thank you. Keep living! You can. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller

  2. Smiling here, gifted, talented and really nice!

  3. “…an art historian of nature”…what a fabulous compliment and wonderful thing to be. I love that!

  4. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

    More about this nomination is at

  5. Equipping The Saints said:

    Your blog is very interesting and I am now following it. Pleae consider following my blog. Blessings to you.
    John 17:3
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

  6. Your art is enchantingly captivating. Your color sense reflects your gentile personality. I thank you for sharing your talents.
    new blogger-old artist

  7. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Seed of Light Award.

    More on this nomination is at

  8. Felipe Andrade said:

    Hello Lisa. Hope you are doing fine. You have beautifull pictures. . I would like to invite you to stay at “La Casa del Arbol” located in Alangasi – Quito ECU, next to Ilalo mountain (Valle los Chillos). Bring your camera and brushes there are lots of kids willing to paint ¡¡¡¡¡ Hope to see you soon¡¡ Please keep in touch. Have a great 2016¡¡¡ Felipe Andrade Cel # 0999701830 Quito-Ecuador.

  9. Laura Brito-Hazelton said:

    Hi Lisa, I’m Marta Brito’s sister. I just wanted to find you and say hello. I’m so glad you are fine after this terrible tragedy. Are you still in Jama?

    • Laura – You are so thoughtful and kind to think of me during these difficult times. I am in Mindo helping friends and am grateful I was not in Jama at the time of the quake. I am also torn that I cannot be there to give comfort to those who are enduring such difficult challenges.

      I think of our dear Marta often – she was a beautiful person, and I am blessed to have known and loved her.

      Thank you again. Love, Lisa



  11. Hola Lisa, cómo estás?
    Nos presentó Gonzalo en Manta.
    He visto tus textos y fotos, están muy lindos.
    Un abrazo, cuando estés por Manta llama para un café.

  12. I love your work. It is good having you back. I wish you well in all that your do with your work.

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