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P1680431 hibiscus surprise drinks on bodega floorBuenos dias from the land of unpredictable internet and electricity!  We not only lost power a few nights ago, but we’ve been enduring very poor internet service for the week so far.   Hopefully this post will find its way to you soon!

The floor-painting project continues to evolve as we approach the end of Barb’s third week here in Ecuador.  Her flight leaves on Sunday, and we find ourselves wondering how those three weeks flew by so quickly.  Then we look at the floor and smile!

Aside from washing clothes by hand, Barb has also been washing transparent layers of color to make the ceramic tiles…

P1680608 floor proceeds P1680610 floor tile floor on concrete washes

From Barb:Well this looked pretty good on the floor while I was painting it BUT now that I see it in a picture it looks like a piece of tost with maralade on it..mmmm but my teacher says it is just fine…..which is what she always says no matter how bad I mess up.

We stopped painting so that we could have an authentic wine stain on the carpet! Don’t all well-used and greatly-loved carpets have wine stains?

in search of authenticity

in search of authenticity

P1680623 authentic wine stain

From Barb:  I think the wine tasted better than the stain looks.

I tried to pull her away from painting the floor tiles to go watch the shrimp harvest, but she was so into right-brain mode that she did stop until she ran out of paint!

From Barb:  Thanks goodness I ran out of paint!!!   (help….what does a right brain mode mean….I[m in trouble as I really thought I had a full brain…. But I am thinking  that was a compliment_…question mark.  Lisa uses all these fancy words to encourage me….and I just smile  like I know what she means…..she is such a nice person..

Oh dear….. so far I haven[t mastered this keyboard, so please forgive me when I end up with the wrong key for a question mark  etc.  These Spanish keyboards kind of throw me a little….Hey isn[t it hard enough to learn the language….that now I have to figure out the keyboard too_ and that my friends is a question mark.

She does not mind feasting on quinoa for breakfast, though she passed on the quinoa and creole tomato sauce yesterday because of a slightly-upset tummy!  Ah! the wonders of guayava-leaf tea!

Remove insect before making tea!

Guayava leaf detail:  Remove insect before making tea!

From Barb:  Ahhh  the slightly/upset tummy….and the wonder of quayava/leaf tea…..

The guayava-leaf tea* worked almost instantly! After the first cup, I was well again, and the next morning I was enjoying quinoa pizza for breakfast and the second day we had shrimp for breakfast, then chocolate for mid-afternoon break, and my stomach has totally forgiven me!   

It's so easy!  Quinoa-crust pizza!

It’s so easy! Quinoa-crust pizza!

While the internet hangs on its wispy thread, we’ll hit the ‘publish’ button and hope to connect with mission control!

From the flying carpept!
Lisa y Barb

* from Lisa:  I am not a doctor or pharmacist, but discovered this often-used remedy (in Latin America) for diarrhea.  Guava-leaf tea works as a desiccant, antispasmodic and antibiotic for relief from diarrhea.  Of course, see a doctor if the symptoms persist!