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Brilliant Sunset March 12 - Jama Central

Brilliant Sunset March 12 – Jama Central

Could this March 12 sunset have been an omen for an unusual upcoming day?

March 13 began with an early-morning walk to town…  I spotted the first Peruvian Meadowlark for the year, then stopped and admired a smooth-billed ani.  The black and white stilts, herons, ibis and egrets are perennial bonuses!

Some days the walk is muddy; other days it's dry and dusty.  There are always interesting fora and fauna waiting to be discovered!

Some days the walk is muddy; other days it’s dry and dusty. There are always interesting fora and fauna waiting to be discovered!

Grabbing a drink and banana bread on the run, I hopped in a collectivo pickup bound for El Matal….

P1960289 hibiscus post el matal y boats

After a brief check at El Matal, where Project Sandbag is underway, I returned to Jama for lunch and Timout for Art post then home to resume work on the painting…
But wait! The sound of a helicopter veered me off course, and to the airstrip I went!

P1960538 helicopter visit

Three visitors emerged from the rainy-season grasses and received a bicycle escort!

P1960540 helicopter visitors to jama P1960541 helicopter visit to jama P1960543 official visit from

Someone in an official tourism vehicle retrieved the guests, and a neighbor gave me a ride to the farm…

Almost home...

Almost home… Shrimp farms line the gravel road that parallels the river.

 “Hello Garden!”  The garden needed a rain.   I opened the studio doors…

“Hello House!”      The studio provides a naturally cool respite on a hot day.

“Hello Floor!”    The magic carpet and floor always steal the show.  Next I critiqued the botanical painting, then rounded the corner to go upstairs.  I noted something amiss at the other door…

P1960549 broken latch

Someone worked hard at breaking through the wooden door. The inside backup was broken from the wall.

Sigh…  On my fist walk through I found nothing missing.  On the second, I was unable to locate the binoculars.  On the third round, I noted the absence of walkie talkies…   Nothing was out of place, yet small items were missing.   The police were called, and as I waited, a trio of cars arrived.

P1960552 engineers visit river


Engineers from Portoviejo

Engineers from Portoviejo

Engineers were discussing options for the last bend of the river.  The river devoured the rocks in certain spots, and we discussed other solutions.

(“Transplant large mangroves!!“) I shared my observations, and we talked for half an hour.   The main engineer actually listened to my feedback!   One of the younger engineers said, “I remember you!  You had a show at the museum in Portoviejo!” 

P1960566 march 12 sunset day of breakin helicopter engineers

Although the police never arrived, a sunset signaled that all would be ok.

30 hours after reporting the break in, 2 policemen arrived. Though sympathetic, they informed me that I’d have to go to Bahia de Caraquez to make the formal report.  Because it was the end of the week, we agreed it would be best if I waited til Monday to ensure that the proper office would be open.

P1960641 special visitors

P1960644 special visitors jama police

Most likely I’ll have to go to Portoviejo to request the dusting for fingerprints.

P1960646 special visit police leave

Sigh. Through this, I am reminded that I’m still lucky to have my health, and these stolen items are very minor.    Oh!  An inch of rain fell last night!  Yes, we needed that rain!

Does anyone know of (global) satellite internet/home security options?  Many areas have equal needs, and I suspect there’s technology out there that can help us not only be connected but also have home security cameras attached to those systems.

In advance, I embrace your feedback!    Going home til Monday!