Smooth-billed Ani

Identification of this lovely flowering tree?

Poza Honda Ecuador

Poza Honda/ Manabi Province – Ecuador   — Thank you all for your continued support and comments! When online I’m reading/loading other posts, emails, etc then heading home before the computer battery dies and loses it all! It was another week of listening to the chain saws, some distant and some close, but now I think I hope that all will be quiet for a very long time.

I hope to be online for a longer stretch on Tuesday…. Until then, enjoy some not-so painful images of the beauty of this area!

Balsa near top of hill; I always hoped to find what used that hidey hole!

A vine wrapped its base and was making a lovely natural bouquet…

It provided balsa fluff for many species…

And served as a lookout for creatures great and small; the kinkajou loves to eat balsa flowers.

What’s a kinkajou?

This is a cute Kinkajou!

Several days ago that balsa tree was felled, with four others that enhanced that stretch of road.

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This Chestnut-headed Oropendola should not be here; but it is!

I’d like to introduce you to what is surely the most-precious ‘rat’ species on the planet! Isn’t it adorable?

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There are positive things happening, and hopefully new species will be planted when the next rainy season begins. (Xiomara has been very helpful.)
And with that, I’ll select ‘Publish’ before the battery dies, and I groan!

Keep smiling!