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P1590992 gye old church on hill from lighthouse

360-degree view from lighthouse atop Guayaquil’s Las Penas Hill, dotted with pastel houses

My trips to Guayaquil seem never complete without a stroll through the Malecon 2000, the 2.5-kilometer boardwalk along the Guayas River.   Anchoring one end of the malecon is the historic neighborhood of Los Penas on the Santa Anna Hill.  Like a candle nesting on a pastel cupcake, the lighthouse presides over the 360-degree view, though the Malecon and Guayas River always capture my attention.

GYE MAAC Museum - "Would Fairy Godmother make all my wishes come true?"

GYE MAAC Museum – “Would Fairy Godmother make all my wishes come true?”

1907 Crystal Palace - Guayaquil Malecon

1907 Crystal Palace – Guayaquil Malecon

At the foot of the Santa Anna Hill is the MAAC museum which houses an outstanding collection of pre-Columbian artifacts as well as a second area that features contemporary art.   Visiting this musuem is always a ‘must-see’ on my list!    On the other end of the malecon,  the classic “Crystal Palace Mercado” building serves many purposes;  this weekend this 1907-era building housed the Cuenca Muebles Market and featured fine furnishings from the lovely city of Cuenca.

Malecon 2000 Ficus Tree --- Hmmmm, do we recognize someone in this picture?!

Hmmmm, do we recognize someone in this picture?!

Sandwiched between those points are the botanical gardens, changing displays of outdoor art,  the Yacht Club, shopping areas (air conditioned as well!), children’s play areas, food courts, specific restaurants, and even an IMAcks theater – (Ooooops! I’m using “Burrito” laptop, and it had recently started to balk when asked for the key between W and Y in the alphabet!)

P1690292 water BALLS gye malecon P1690281 WATER BALLS gye malecon

Barb and I were particularly amused at a very-popular attraction for children:  Water Balls.  With a sense of wonder and whimsy, children floated in their protective balloons across shallow pools!

P1690228 escuela gye ship P1690237 BUQUE ESCUELA GUAYAS gye ship school P1690229 BUQUE ESCUELA GUAYAS P1690240 sailing ship school gye P1690242 gye sailing ship school P1690249 gye sailig ship school

Not far from the shady Water Ball area, people gathered to watch the end-of-the-day students oN the 3-masted ship, The Guayas*.  Built in 1841, this classic beauty now serves as a training school for Ecuador’s navy and as a floating ambassador for Ecuador.  She has visited at least 25 countries and often presides over the central section of the malecon.

After I hit the “Publish” prompt, I’ll be checking out of the hotel, where it took less time to upload a dozen photos than it takes to upload one back home on the river!   See you tonight, slow internet willing!


*For more information about the Guayas 3-masted ship, see the Wilkipedia article HERE.