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Palo Santo Cafe - Before

Palo Santo Cafe – Before

Jama Ecuador

Last year’s  It Started With One Lightpole opened with a story about my friend Luchy Cevallos Sabando.  The post was one of the most popular for the entire year.

It Started With One Light Pole

It Started With One Light Pole

Multi-talented Luchy tapped into his creative genius and opened a cybercafe with emphasis on cafe and not cyber!  He wondered what he could do to attract more business, and before our afternoon painting session was finished, people were slowing down and taking note!

Looking better!

Looking better!

Luchy’s artistic touches throughout his Palo Santo Cafe and his nearby hostal leave little room for improvement!  Several times I volunteered to help with a new project, but there was no obvious space for custom art.

Hostal Entrance

Hostal Entrance

One year later...

(One year later)  At night, the lights come on, tables are moved outside, and the regulars drop by to say, “Hi!”

Popular with all ages, Palo Santo has a relaed vibe.

Popular with all ages, Palo Santo has a relaxed vibe.

luchys PALO SANTO CAFFECH P1480371

Last week while visiting Luchy’s Palo Santo, I reminded him that I’d love to help with a new project.   He pondered for a few minutes, then showed me an area in the VIP room that might make a fun backdrop for group photos. We did a bit of brainstorming, then started on Wednesday and finished on Saturday!

As the improvements progressed, we had a little help from Luchy’s mother, sister, brother, nephew and cousin!

P1780707 nieve paints

P1780717 mother daughter moments

P1780737 palo santo family

Everyone trickled in to see the work, and we handed them brushes!

P1780743 palo santo family painting

P1780745 palo santo

P1780758 palo santo xavier paints

P1780759 palo santo ferndando paints

P1780783 luchy final touches

Luchy and I worked late; we applied second and third layers of paint then ”pulled’ the black lines.

P1780780 luchy airbrush

Luchy added shadows with his airbrush!


I fine tuned details and strengthened shadows in strategic places.


When Luchy was busy elsewhere, I sneaked in a little surprise!


Luchy and I were quite pleased with the results!

Luchy and I were quite pleased with the results!

I look forward to seeing some photos of happy customers in the VIP room! Perhaps someone is posing beneath that iguana as I finish this post!