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P1800958 sand dollars“Drawing is one of the best ways to meditate, while staying connected to the world around us.”  (Elsha Leventis)

After 48-hours of travel, I was happy to reach my friends’ home, sleep until 9 (!) and awaken to enjoy an unhurried visit with them.  As we walked part of their property, several woodland scenes held my attention; these trees would make great subjects for pencil studies!

A plan incubated! If my friends joined me in a timeout for art, we would first draw a simple study of a sand dollar.  If that went well, I hoped they would work from life later in the week and draw a tree!

P1800815 milena trees P1800816 milena P1800817 milena P1800822 milena

Inviting my friends to join me for a timeout for art, we warmed up with shading exercises then focused on drawing sand dollars.  A quiet mellow mood presided over the table, and my attentive students kept an eye on the subject while their peripheral vision watched the pencil.   We were aware of each other, the background music, the light and shadow, yet we also noted subtle nuances in the sand dollars.

P1800862 sand dollar Pat

P1800873 sand dollar hank hand P1800874 shading P1800878 maries sand dollar

(We found one 2B pencil, one 6B, one normal, and an assortment of colored pencils!)

P1800888 sand dollar P1800893 sand dollar P1800895 marie sand dollar P1800900 sand dollar P1800901 sand dollar P1800902 sand dollar P1800907 sand dollar y foliage

They did well, and I think they’re ready to tackle one of those trees!

P1800918 sand dollarss

I am very proud of their focus and their work!

P1800947 sand dollars late sun

We definitely kept one foot in the meditative world while being silently connected to each other and our surroundings!