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Will this street remain after Mother Nature's high tides recede after the full-moon weekend?

El Matal – Ecuador — What will remain after this weekend’s full-moon high tides?

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.   –  Paulo Coelho

Tapping into her sensitive powers of observation about her surroundings, Linda of The Task at Hand often trusts her own predictions instead of the local weather forecasts.  When not penning poetic salt-of-the earth stories about her life, Linda’s specialty is varnishing boats.  An unexpected change in weather can ruin her meticulous work.     Enjoy her post about the subtle weather-forecasting hints here: SCHOOLED BY SUMMER 

High tides affect many areas - Bahia de Caraquez - February 2014

High tides affect many areas – Bahia de Caraquez- ECUADOR – February 2014

This past week Linda inquired about my friends at nearby Playa el Matal, where Mother Ocean chomped away the shoreline during the January and February (2014) spring tides.   Everyone at El Matal is preparing for the third battle against  tides that will barrel ashore beneath this weekend’s full moon.   We are hoping there will be no need for new posts titled like the one written in February:   It’s Devastating

Coco Beach Village/El Matal Ecuador

Coco Beach Village/El Matal Ecuador

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon – Pre-dawn at Playa San Miguel Costa Rica

Each evening when I gaze up at the waxing moon, a heavy sense of foreboding washes over my spirit.  I think about the combination of high tides, storms at sea, the direction of winds, and how they affect the fierceness of the waves, especially when they reach the shore at high tide.  Like those who live near the ocean, I am aware of the seriousness of the tides that will arrive this  weekend.

This full moon brings an extra-high sea, and those who live at or near sea level will surely be participating in sea-watch vigils around the globe, including Panama’s Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands.

01 destinations PANAMA mola ARTISAN kuna


A 2010 report from the National Geographic illustrates the Kuna’s dilemna, and other sources have covered the Kuna’s story:  (Reuters: Rising Sea Drives Panama Islanders to Mainland -SEAN MATTSON –CARTI SUGDUB)

I will wonder about those who were rattled by this week’s earthquake in Mexico, Guatemala and other peaceful seaside towns along the Pacific Coast…

La Libertad, El Salador

La Libertad, El Salador

I will also be thinking of my friends who live along Nicaragua’s coastal areas…

Playa Rosada, Nicaragua - Ka-BOOM!

Strong waves – Nicaragua – Ka-BOOM!

…Emma keeps us informed about Jamaica’s coastal problems.  I asked her this past week about the upcoming spring tide.   Here are her words and a link to her post about Jamaica’s coastal concerns:

“… Coastal erosion is still taking place, though, mainly due to storms, and our very strong trade winds. The south coast, where we live, is always very windy with waves two meters high at the moment. Here’s a link to an article I wrote six months ago that is about adapting to climate change and is of course still so relevant – for you in Ecuador and for our islands:”


She’s recently shared the story about possible desecration to their pristine Goat Island. (SELLING OUT PARADISE)  

While watching this weekend’s high tides here in Ecuador, I will be also wondering what’s happening at Playa San Miguel, where I previously lived on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast:

The Power and Movement of Water

The Power and Movement of Water – Playa San Miguel Costa Rica – Image by Lisa Brunetti

Those of you who live along coastal areas – please keep us posted this weekend with high-tide updates from your part of the world.

Playa San Miguel Costa Rica

Playa San Miguel- Guanacaste- Costa Rica

View of El Matal Ecuador

View of El Matal Ecuador

A post about El Matal’s preparations for the weekend battle will be coming tomorrow.


(P.S. – Thanks for your feedback on Staying Well;  I can write this present post with the aid of images from Playamart files, but I am unable to reply during the daytime hours to most of the comments, thanks to a fickle/stubborn internet!  I am usually unable to open new posts as well.  Thank you for your continued patience!

I did not mean to imply that all red wine contains traces of MSG – only that I noted MSG symptoms after drinking a particular brand (from Chile) and was shocked when I my query pointed me to the MSG-AuxiGro connection!)

"It got me!"

“It got me!”

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Fighting the Good Fight” – the next post about preparations at Playa El Matal.